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on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of THESIS A: DEFENSE

A Study On The Effectiveness of A Computerized
Registration System for the
Tipness Gym in Robinson’s Place Imus, Cavite
To Replace the Current Log Book System

Define the objectives
What is our innovation?
Process Flow
What are the benefits?
The Current System
Statement of the Problem
1. To register the customer's information in a computerized system.
2. To upgrade the functionality of the business
3. Unique Identification
Manual Registration by used of Log Book
Computerized Registration System
Biometrics Fingerprint System
Properly Secured Database
to experience how to build a program that isn't based on its original functionality.
To enhance the system which happens to be insufficient to operate in the modern technology.
Current Flow
Proposed Flow
easy to find specific records by using unique identification
less hassle for the gym members
more convenient for the customers

it has the possibility to know the identity of the person
electricity breakdown
it maybe possible that the database can be corrupted
interrupted connection
can be easily fooled
Is it sufficient to only just have a logbook?
it is not sufficient to have just only a logbook because it has disadvantages like accidentally lost, burnt, or edited by unathorized person.
What if the logbook misplaced?
ANSWER: This is the reason why the researchers chose the computerized registration to avoid this kind of problem.
Is it properly secured?
ANSWER: NO. It is not properly secured because it is possible that the logbook can be edited or deleted by unauthorized
No backup of files
Log Book could damage easily
A computerized registration system will help the owner to organize, control & properly records. It consists basic saving properties but it has a unique identification using a biometric.
Acquiring the survey results if its agreed by the gym's customers the system will be installed as the main registration for the gym log functionality
Survey Results
The Proposed System
Gantt Chart
Tipness Gym is a business for the people who want to get fit and well-built body for their health. Tipness has 2 branches: the main branch is located at Dasmarinas, Cavite and the other one is located at Robinson’s Imus, Cavite Level 4. Their business started 4 years ago. According to the manager, their operation started with the least number of equipment, so when the business grew larger and more customers have come to work out, the gym decided to renovate and build another branch.
current system
Proposed System
Staff Function
Proposed System
Login Function
Proposed System
Edit Function
Proposed System
Admin Function
Proposed System
Delete Function
Proposed System
Research Function
Context Flow Diagram
Current System
Non Member
Current System
Proposed System
Applying Membership
Proposed System
Regular Customer
Data Flow Diagram
Current System Lvl 0
Current Lvl 1
Proposed System Lvl 0
Proposed System Lvl 1
Entity Relationship Diagram
One to one relationship
Hierarchical Diagram
thank you! :)
What is biometrics system?
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