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Elements of a Persuasive Speech

No description

Janette Foreman

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Elements of a Persuasive Speech

Elements of a Speech
A public communication or expression of thought in spoken words.
A Speech's Argument
Argument - a form of persuasion that makes a case to the audience for accepting or rejecting a proposition or course of action

Thesis - In a persuasive speech, the argument is the thesis, or the main idea the speaker wants to share.
A Speech's Style
Style - the manner in which something is said or written. It's characterized by qualities like word choice (diction), syntax (word order) sentence structure, and length.
A Speech's Rhetoric
Rhetoric - effective language use

A Rhetorical Device - a technique used by a speaker/writer to achieve a particular effect, especially to persuade or influence. (Examples: emotive language, rhetorical question, and repetition, etc.)
Figurative Language in a Speech
Figurative Language - language that is meant to be understood imaginatively instead of literally

Analogy - an example of fig. language. It is a comparison of two things that are ilike in some ways, but are otherwise quite different.
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