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Al Burj holding

No description

Mustansar Cheema

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Al Burj holding



Thank You
De Telecom
Abdul Aziz Al-Shaikh
Mohammed Hassan
In 2007 under the direction of Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, the CEO of Al Burj Real Estate; we established Al Burj Holding to cope with the large commercial developments in Dubai in commercial and economic sectors, and to establish fixed rules to manage our existing and future companies.
With hard and continuing working, we studied the local market to consolidate the strategic partnership policies with the ministries, local departments and major local companies. This seems clearly through the concessions obtained by the company.
Whereas, the main objective of establishing Al Burj Holding company is to invest in the Group's subsidiaries.
Based on its experiences and capabilities; the Company succeeded to manage the companies to achieve outstanding success and wide fame.
Perhaps the main reason of this success that the Company’s management put in mind the need to work at a leading and superior level in business administration with emphasis on providing service within the high standards of professionalism and distinction.
It was clear to the company's management the importance of the human element role in the success of any company, which led to attract qualifications in various sectors.
The Human Resources Department in the Company added training programs to qualify the employees working in its subsidiaries to ensure the high quality of the provided services.
The employees are subject to annual appraisal under the criteria listed in the outstanding employee handbook, which was prepared by the management of the Company.
Also the Company honors the outstanding employee at the annual ceremony held by the Company to motivate the rest of the employees to spend more effort.
The Company shows a great interest in the reliance on national cadres to provide its services, bringing the number of its UAE citizens employees to 107 employees out of the total 303 employees.
Therefore, the Company is among the few private companies, that have achieved a high percentage of nationalization under a deliberated policy applied in all its subsidiaries.
Trade License
Tassheel Business Center was established in 2011 and it is one of the leading companies. Tassheel is specialized in providing government services and it holds franchise from the Ministry of Labor for providing services of the Ministry to the public through our numerous centers according to highest quality standards.
Based on efforts for the success of "Tassheel" idea; the Management of the Center is keen to achieve international standards of quality through ISO90001 Certificate of Quality Management as a first step in order to achieve greater success in the field of administrative work.
Based on the fact that customer satisfaction is the essence of success of any organization; the Company’s Management works hard to meet all requirements and needs of customers within the highest standards of quality, and this goal will be achieved through ISO 100002 for the management of complaints and suggestions received by the Center.
Tassheel Center is subject to the supervision and following-up of by dedicated team specialized in quality management to ensure the permanence of the quality of provided services through follow-up reports to the senior management.
One of the achievements of the center is winning the third place at the level of the UAE for job satisfaction.
Trade License
Al Burj Real Estate L.L.C. established in 1988 to become a major shift in our land and property business. The establishing date of this company is the official starting point of our real estate business.
Al Burj Real Estate practiced land trade in addition to investment in the real properties, and it is managing all properties belonging to the Company in a professional and distinctive way, taking advantage of the experience of the Late Muhammad Hassan Al Sheikh in this field of business.
Trade License
In order to increase its participation with local departments for providing services; the Company obtained concession from Lands Department for the provision of services of Real Estates Register for the investors in the Emirate of Dubai. Accordingly, the Company established Al Tabu Property Conveyancer in Al Barsha Mall in 2013.
Trade License
In order to keep up with the fast business environment developments in the UAE, we established Al Twar Center was in 1998, as a commercial complex with governmental nature.
Al Twar Center is considered one of the most important achievements of Al Burj Real Estate due to its quantum leap and partnership between the business and service activities in the UAE.
Al Twar is now one of the leading centers in Dubai in terms of the idea and the performance considering that it is working based on policy to provide the service through a single window in a wide area equal to 5,000 square feet which is the total rented area with capacity to receive between 3,000 to 5,000 visitors per day within a vibrant environment with speed and proficiency in performance.
Trade License
After this diversity and expansion in the company facilities, it was necessary to establish a company concerned with the management of the company's properties and facilities.

Accordingly, Al Burj Real Estate established Assas Company in 2007 to manage its subsidiaries companies in addition to management of the facilities belonging to third parties whether they are governmental or private entities.

Assas Company has proved its worth through contracting with several bodies and governmental departments to manage their facilities, based on its long term experience and cadres in this field of business.
Trade License
Based on the fact that every successful business needs researching and marketing consultancy and management; Al Burj Holding established Brandivinse Advertising and Marketing Company in 2008 to be the advertising and marketing wing for the company through its expertise in providing the following activities:

Computer Software Trading
Computer Software House
Information Technology Consultants
Marketing Management
Marketing Research & Consultancies
Trade License
As part of our business development in order to expand the scope of works and services provided through our strategic partnership with large local companies in the field of communication; we established by De Telecom in 2011 to be an introduction to the services of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company "DU" through a concession . The first branch was opened in Al Twar Center, which was the base for expansion and increase branches.
Through the above mentioned concession we were able to provide the services of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company "DU" for individuals and companies at various levels through our work team trained to provide services in distinguished work environment without overlooking the achieving of highest sales percentage.
Al Burj Holding Company is one of the first companies to get concession since 2011, where we have signed a concession contract with Mr. Maher Abdullah to continue this partnership in the development and progress and expansion within the parameters that you see each of the two companies.
Trade License
Based on the success in the delivery of government services; the management of Al Burj Holding Company set up partnerships with other departments, prompting the company to establish a center for businessmen transactions the year 2011. Moamlat Business Center obtained concessions from the following departments and authorities:
• Department of Economic Development – Dubai
• General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
• Lands Department "Ejari"
• Emirates Identity Authority
• Health Authority
The management of Moamlat Business Center is subject to the same policies and work standards adopted by Tassheel Business Center.
Trade License

The Late Mohammed Hassan Al Sheikh started his business since the beginning of the Fifties of the last century practicing general trading at different levels and activities. He expressed extra interest to business as it was his first personal interests, in addition to trade lands.
After the expansion of his business; the Late Mohammed Hassan Al Shaikh realized the need to exercise such business through a company to enable him to increase the size of his business and meets his ambition to achieve a prestigious brand name so he established the company officially in 1975.
Trade License
The management of Al Burj Holding Company did forget the importance of hospitality, and for this reason the Group established Saray Cafe in Al Twar Center in 2013.
The Brand of Saray Cafe reflects and ancient Turkish Civilization and the essence of oriental hospitality.
Saray Cafe provides services for the visitors of Al Twar Center in quiet and comfortable environment.
The Company recently opened branch for Saray Cafe in Al Barsha Mall to provide services to our customers within the same quality and distinction.
Trade License
Based on the success of the partnership with Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company "DU" and Al Burj Holding Company; we established Traders Commercial Broker in 2012 as result of that success, and to be a licensed company to market the products of "DU" for commercial sector of small and medium enterprises within the a policy seeks to cover the domestic market and raise sales for the benefit of both companies
The Company secured a specialist team to market the products on a large scale within the United Arab Emirates based on the Company's experience and its database including the Company’s partners and subsidiaries in the UAE.
Trade License
This company was established in 2006 in Al Twar Center in the light of local market’s needs to legal translation services and scarcity of professional translation offices in UAE since 2006 till now.
Translation Center succeeded in occupying a leading position in the Emirate of Dubai, and we are keen to accelerate the work to provide translations services to all customers in different regions in the UAE setting our eyes on customer satisfaction which is one of most important criteria in our company.
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