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The Lost Generation

Ernest Hemingway Sinclair Lewis expatriates

Miriam Hauer-Jensen

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The Lost Generation

By: Miriam Hauer-Jensen The Lost Generation
(Ernest Hemingway & Sinclair Lewis) Expatriates
: people who leave their native country to live elsewhere
- disliked postwar American society Lost Generation

- group of U.S. writers who reacted to death and destruction of WWI by criticizing postwar American society
- "Lost": inherited values no longer relevant in the world after the war
- Author Gertrude Stein called these writers the Lost Generation. Author: Ernest Hemingway - born 1885, died 1951

- journalist and author
-first writer from U.S. to be awarded Nobel Prize in Literature
-books: Arrowsmith, Dodsworth
- his works were insightful and critical of American society
-criticized big business and small-town America

- popular novel
- novel helped him win Nobel Prize in literature (1930)
-criticized business community as narrow-minded Author: Sinclair Lewis - born 1899, died 1961

- loved outdoors and nature
- alcoholic most of his life; depressed
- married 4 times, 2nd wife (Pauline Pfeiffer) from Piggot, AR

- involved in WWI and II and Spanish Civil War
- ambulance driver, spy

-American author/journalist
- 1954 won Nobel Prize in Literature
- became key part of "The Lost Generation"
- he moved to Paris and joined this group
- his writing attracted young Americans--> develop simple writing style that later authors imitate

Quote about war:
" the most colossal, murderous, mismanaged butchery that has ever taken place on earth. Any writer who said otherwise lied." General info. Because of the violence of WW1, writers started writing about it during the 1920's.

The American culture was devoted to greed and money.

The Lost Generation was a group of writers that formed a reputation with their literary works. People could realize what soldiers had to go through during the war.

Writers wrote about their experiences during the war and many people read their books.

Authors believed Americans didn't care about the democratic ideals from war. --> Reason to write books about it. IMPACT of writing Famous/well known books by Hemingway - The Lost Generation
-Ernest Hemingway
- The Sun Also Rises
- Sinclair Lewis
- Babbitt
-expatriates Main Points: The Sun Also Rises: about a group of Americans living in Europe (1920's)
- first novel, greatest work

Men Without Women: book of short stories

A Farewell to Arms: romantic tragedy based on his wartime experiences

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