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Effective Oral Advocacy

No description

Kim Brooks

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Effective Oral Advocacy

Effective Oral Advocacy
Summarizing cases: a chance to practice oral advocacy
Tell the person beside you the story of a case you've discussed in one of your classes.

Listen to them tell you about a case.

What would make their "story" better?
Slippery Slopes (Farnsworth)
When does a first decision make the second more likely?

-the first decision lowers the cost of the second (think: gun registry)
-the first decision changes attitudes that might make the second decision more likely (think: torturing suspects)
-views about equal treatment require the second decision to be made like the first (think: protection of religious beliefs)
What makes someone a good oral advocate?
-know your audience
-be specific
-have a beginning, middle, and end
-be scrupulously accurate
-select your best points/arguments
-speak at a reasonable pace
-make eye contact
-be yourself
-don't talk too long
Your best two minute story
Tell your best two-minute story to the person beside you.

Listen to their story.

Think about what makes a great story.
-read Legal Writing in Plain English (PE) - Part one, Chapter one
-submission for your portfolio (advanced exercise of page 23 of PE)
Grammer Tip
-courts "find" facts and "hold" on rulings of law
Random Advice
-if you have uncomfortable conversations in your classes, embrace how lucky you are
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