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ESL prezi

No description

Tria Pallesen

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of ESL prezi

Incorporating ELLs in the classroom An interactive Example Research Question:
How do school and classroom culture view and integrate multiligualism? Deficit Perspective
Resources & Multimodality
Teaching Styles & Strategies Deficit Perspective Teaching Styles & Strategies References promoting cultural awareness technology literacy aids learning centers coding ELL's ELL courses and
language courses ELL education rooms audio visual readers/translators ELEMENTARY SECONDARY ARTICLE CONNECTIONs Coalition for Equal Access to Education. (n.d.). Demographic Trends. Retrieved from http://www.eslaction.com/index.php?page=demographics

Dworin, J. (2006). The Famliy Stories Project: Using funds of knowledge for writing. International Reading Association , 510-520.

Guccione, L. (2011.) Intergrating literacy and inquiry for Enlish learners: through inquiry, English learners take their place in the classroom community--and develop both their content knowledge and their language skills. The Reading Teacher:p567

Kist, W. (2000). Beginning to create the new literacy classroom: What does the new literacy Look Like? Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 710-718

Tropp, T., & Van Sluys, K. (2008). Being and Becoming: Multiligual Writers' Practices. Language Arts , 265-274.

Valdes, G. (2001). Learning and not learning english: Latino students in American schools. New York: Teachers College Press . Inquiry Based Learning
Hybrid Mediation PROMOTING COMMUNITY SUPPORT PROGRAMS Resources & Multimodality
Studio Style Classrooms

Learn Who they are and represent it

Culturally Relevant The focus is on what students lack (namely English) without considering the resources they bring to their classrooms (Tropp & Van Sluys, 2008) Source: Statistics Canada (2005) Conclusion CONCLUSION It is important to view ELLs' multilingualism and culture positively as 'funds of knowledge'

It is important to equip ELLs with effective resources to assist with language acquisition and academic success

Multimodal literacy practices are effective tools to assist ELLs in the classroom

It is important to know your students and to understand their backgrounds and interests, so their lives outside of school can be incorporated into the classroom 'Funds of knowledge' enrich curriculum and deter from impoverishment of deficit perspective perspectives (Valdes, 2001) Why Biliteracy? Mediation of relationships between symbol systems in two languages; creating knowledge and meaningful purposes; amplifying resources for thinking and learning (Dworin, 2006) Community Partners
Hybrid Mediation
Inquiry Based Learning
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