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MRS Endo

No description

Yahya Saeed

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of MRS Endo

The disastrous earthquake struck Kobe on the 17TH January 1995.
The effects of the earthquake were horrendous, firstly as it was soon in the morning at around 5:30am which meant that everyone in Kobe were asleep as the earthquake struck. Furthermore the damage of the city was estimated at $200 billion.
Around 5,500 people were killed and 26,000 citizens were injured in the catastrophe. there were primary sources ans secondary sources. the primary sources were: gas pipes exploded and fires burnt all over the city and it struck at 5:40 am on the 17th of January ; the secondary souces were: with the smokes the search of the survivors
was hard and 5000 people died in the earthquake and 25000 people were left homeless.

Mr and Mrs Endo lived in the older residential part of Kobe called 'Nishinomiya'. Most of the people who lived there were old and weak. This meant that if a disaster was to strike, there would be little amount of neighbours that were strong enough to do anything. The Endos' house was built before 1960; this meant that the house was not earthquake proof because earthquake proof houses were only built after 1981.
This also meant that their house had chance of survival during an earthquake and neither did anyone in it. During the earthquake, Mrs Endo was inside the house asleep. During the earthquake, the roof collapse, crushing Mrs Endo. Because of the lack of strong people to help move the rubble and delapitated roof, Mrs Endo was trapped under the rubble of her home and died of suffocation after 36 hours.
how did mrs endo die?
Movements of the earth cause the
to alter in position because roads are solid
they cannot move the earthquake so they
crack under pressure.
thank you
for watching
Thank you for watching
Picture of roads collapsing
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