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The Shining

No description

Bailey Rabideaux

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of The Shining

Rising Action Resolution Climax Exposition Falling Action Conflict Jack Torrence Man vs. Self Overlook Hotel Jack Torrence got a job to watch over Overlook Hotel for the winter but the fancy place has an eerie reputation. Wendy Torrence Danny Torrence The Shining By; Stephen KIng 1. Jack gets tour of Hotel and finds out there has been murders there.
2. We find out Jack lost his old teaching job for hurting a student.
3. The Torrences arrive at the hotel and it seems very nice
4. Danny learns that Mr. Halloran has the "shining" just like he does
5. Wasps sting Danny
6. Danny is behaving strangely
7. Everyone is having "hallucinations" in and around the hotel
8. Tony is bothering Danny
9. Jack recalls times of his father.
10. Jack is told to kill Wendy and Danny Mr. Halloran It appears that Jack has hit or hurt Danny in some way again 1. Jack and Wendy go back and forth trying to hurt or kill each other
2. There is a "ball" going on Hotel blows up. Jack dies. Connection In the beginning, Jack seems like a person that is looking for change and will hopefully reach that. But as the book progresses we see that he is still the same violent man he always was and always will be. Rating 8
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