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Tuck Everlasting

My book report. ! Tuck Everlasting : ]

Quaylah Carreker

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting
By: Natalie Babbit The #1 main character is Winnie Foster also known as Winifred She is always being treated like a younger child than she already is.. She lives in a well-bred, clean family. They keep her locked away behind a 4-foot iron fence that surrounds their home.. They own the nearby woods and they are the oldest family in the whole town When she runs away she finds a young man drinking from a spring in a tree. Inside of the woods Jesse Tuck.. Jesse Tuck is a teenage boy who is almost a young man, he comes from a family of immortality! The rest of them... Mae Tuck.. She is the mother of the family and she is very determined to let others drink from the spring. Angus Tuck is the father of the family he tries to tell Winnie to never drink from the spring and grow old. Angus Tuck.. Miles Tuck He's the oldest of everyone. He had married before realising that he wouldn’t grow up, and once his wife noticed he wasn’t aging she left with the children, thinking he had sold his soul to the devil. The Tucks take her away without noticing that a man in a yellow suit has been watching. That man has wanted to find that spring and sell the water for hundreds of dollars. The Man in the Yellow Suit He's the villan of the story and people mistaken him as the devil
because he is evil, selfish and would destroy the world with finacial gain if he had to! The Toad It is Winnie’s first friend and seems to be everywhere she is, which offers her comfort and hope. Jess' family are all immortal because they were drinking from he spring..
which was eighty-seven years before!! The Tucks
Jesse, Miles, Mae, Angus All of the events in this story happened in the year of 1881. The main theme of this story is immortality and time.
The Tucks' lives are frozen while days pass away.
The will never age or die. Jesse gives Winnie a bottle of the spring water and tells her to drink it when she turns seventeen so they can have a life together. Jesse and Winnie running
in a field Mae Tuck later on takes a shotgun and shoots the man in the yellow suit. She was taken to jail and was going to be hung. Hanging Rope At the end it turns out Winnie dies two years later before the Tucks can come back to town which was in the 1950's The woods has been destroyed by a struck of lightning
which has hidden the spring and plowed over so the Tucks move on
and try to forget about Winifred This book is a fantasy and has a small part of non-fiction I suggest you read other books by this author if you
liked Tuck Everlasting Since Mae cannot die they might have to reveal the secret... This book is 139 pages long and was published in 1975 My favorite part of the story was when Jesse gives the bottle of spring water to Winnie so they can have a life together because its a really sweet thing to do! My favorite character is Mae Tuck because she is independent and determined The End
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