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Copy of Teen Wolf

No description

KJ Jefferson

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Teen Wolf

Magical Realism: Magical events are blended into reality. Characters accept the magical realism as normal and they have no effect to it.
Teen Wolf: Normal teenagers become werewolves and lizards when a full moon is that night, also bringing people back to life.
What is
Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf
is a supernatural drama. It is character vs supernatural, character vs character, and character vs self. This means it's characters can be any creature that is supernatural. In
Teen Wolf
the supernatural beings that are mostly used are werwolves and banshees. Other creatures that have been used and are currently being used are kitusnes, werecoytes, werjaguar, berserkers, wendigos,kanimas, and even though werewolf hunters are people they go along with the supernatural world.
Teen Wolf's Past&Present Main Characters
What I have Learned from
Teen Wolf
Scott McCall

Scott McCall is the overall main character of Teen Wolf. Scott gets bitten by a werewolf in season 1 who is Derek Hale. In season 3A Scott becomes a true alpha. This is special because he wasn't born a werwolf. Scott is kind, protective, lovable, and he's a leader.
Allison Argent
Allison is introduced in the first season. She Scott's first love. At first the relationship is forbidden because she comes from a family of werewolf hunters. She becomes a hunter herself and gets more involved in it after her mother kills herself. Allison and Scott brake up but remain friends. Allison dies in season 3B. She dies a hero because she died while trying to help and save others lives.
Stiles Stilinski
Stiles is not a supernatural creature. His only defense is sarcasm. He is funny so he brings humor to the show. He is the first to know about Derek biting Scott. Stiles is Scott's best friend. He is still apart of the pack because he researches and learns about other creatures they are up against. He is like the detective of the group. In season 3B Stiles gets taken over by the Nogistune. This is a dark evil spirit that tries to kill his friends. In season 4 Stiles is better.
1. That not everyone is not what they seem.
2. Stereotypes are not always true
3. Even though something is forbidden or unusual it can still be good and make you happy
Derek Hale
This is Derek semi-wolfed out. His eyes are red at this time because he was an alpha but at other times when he turns his eyes turn vibrant blue.
Derek Hale is the first Alpha of Teen Wolf. Derek is all alone because his family died in the Hale fire. When he bites Scott this is the start of him getting to know people again after the fire. He takes Scott under his wing. Trouble comes when Derek's uncle comes back from the dead. There's always something with Derek. He never seems to be happy for a long period of time.
Prezi By: Kennedy Jefferson
Show By:Jeff Davis
Teen Wolf is based off an older version. The first was a movie released on August 23, 1985.
Season 1- Scott's control. Werwolf hunters
Season 2- Kanima
Season 3A- Alpha Pack and the Darach
Season 3B- The Nogitsune and Oni
Season 4- Peter Hale, Kate Argent, the Benefactor, and the Assassins(the dead pool)

Villains and/or Problems of Teen Wolf
Season 1-4
New and/or Minor Characters
Lydia Martin
Lydia has also been in the show since season one. Lydia Martin starts out as just the most popular girl in school and Alison's best friend. But she is not the stereotype. She is sassy, sweet, and encouraging. Later she learns that she is a banshee. She does her best to help rest of the pack. She hears voices in her head who are most likely other banshees. Lydia finds dead bodies that her mind leads her to. Her screams are heard by all the werewolves in Beacon Hills. It is like a calling for them that something is wrong. Lydia is helpful and does her best to save lives just like the rest of the pack.
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