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Mindset- Chapter 5

No description

Blair OConnor

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Mindset- Chapter 5

Leadership & the Fixed Mindset
Fixed Mindset Leaders:
Lee Iacocca & Chrysler
Humiliated by his firing from Ford Motors Iacocca stuck to his fixed mindset
Felt flawed
Maybe he wasn't superior after all?
Poured all of his efforts into Chrysler and brought them from the brink
In his autobiography declares, "Today, I'm a hero."
Leaders & the Growth-Mindset
Self-effacing people- constantly ask questions & have the ability to confront the brutal answers
Great leaders are made not born
Even after you've learned the basics, you must continue to learn
CEO's & the Big Ego
"I had always clung to the idea that I was different, that somehow I was smarter or luckier than the rest...
- Lee Iacocca
Mindset- Chapter 5

Business: Mindset & Leadership
Larger than life CEO's have larger than life egos

People who preen their egos and look for the next self image boost are not the same people who foster long-term corporate health.
- page 113
Don't high-light a pecking order or claim credit for other's contributions
Try to improve and surround themselves with able people
Groupthink vs. We Think
Groupthink- when everyone in a group starts thinking alike
Can occur when:
unlimited faith is put into a leader, ex. Bay of Pigs
a group gets carried away with its abilities, ex. Enron
a fixed-mindset leader punishes dissent
Growth- Mindset Leaders:
Encourage disagreement
Ex. Winston Churchill & Alfred P. Sloan of GM
Always look for the potential to develop instead of relying on talent
"Create an organization that prizes the development of ability- and watch the leaders emerge."
Grow Your Mindset
Do you feel people are just judging you or are they trying to help you develop?
How do you act towards others in the workplace?
How can you help coworkers develop?
How can you help create a culture of self-examination and open communication?
"Talent is only the starting point."
-Irving Berlin
Live in a world where some people are superior & some are inferior
Must repeatedly affirm that they are superior
The company is their platform to boost their superiority
"In every encounter we either give life, or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange."
-Brennan Manning
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