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A Book Review

No description

Tim Warre

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of A Book Review

A Book Review
Content of a book review
If you turn to page 184 of the student's book you have an example of a review and the task I want you to complete. You will be writing about your favourite book as a child. Your review should contain:

1 - Introduction
2 - Describe the story 80-100w
3 - Reasons why you you enjoyed it
4 - Who you would recommend it to

REMEMBER: This is a part 2 task so the word limit is higher 220-260 words. 5 paragraphs may be required.
As with an article you need an exciting start to catch the readers attention. The introduction should also introduce the title and author of the book.

When I was a child my favourite book was Harry Potter.

As a child I used to dream of magical adventures in a fantasy world. I would close my eyes and imagine __________ (verb in gerund / noun)

Sitting in my _______ class I used to stare out the window daydreaming about _________.

I have always been a bit of a bookworm but the book that made the greatest impression on me was ______________.

The books of __________ (author's name) had a profound effect on me that will stay with me forever. One book in particular stands out, __________ (book name)
Describing the story
Vocab to describe the book in general:
a page-turner / a white-knuckle ride / a tearjerker / a laugh a minute / I couldn't put it down.

Vocab to describe specific parts:
a slow start / a gentle introduction /gripping climax / nailbiting conclusion / cliffhanger ending/ a shocking twist in the tail

The book is set in _______(place/time)
The action takes place in ______ (place/time)

the present day (now)
an alternate reality where vampires / wizards walk the earth
a sleepy village in the USA
the bustling city of New York

The plot centres around / focuses on (the adventures / lives of _________)
The plot follows the adventures of _________(character name)
Your reaction / reasons why you enjoyed it
What I enjoyed most about the book was ________ because / due to _______

What struck me most about the plot / ending / characters was __________ because / due to

Different ways to say "when I was a child":
In my childhood / youth / formative years

Different ways to say "I enjoyed":
I got a lot of enjoyment out of _________
I was completely gripped by _________
In the last paragraph you have to decide who you would recommend the book to.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to ____________

This book would be absolutely perfect for __________

This book should be given to any _________ with a love of _____________.

You have to write 220 - 260 words
A Review
In the CAE part 2 one of the options available to you could be a review. You may be required to write a review of:

a film
a book
a holiday
a museum
a coursebook (yawn)

Today we're going to focus on a book review.
Style of a book review
A review should be similar in register to an article. The main aim of a review is to express your opinion of the book. As in an article you should:

use expressions / proverbs / idioms
use phrasal verbs
NO formal linkers (therefore / moreover / furthermore / notwithstanding etc.)
NO essay structuring (firstly, secondly, to sum up etc.)

REMEMBER: The main focus is your opinion of the book
Describing the story
Characters: Villain / hero / heroine / anti-hero / main character / protagonist

The characters are believable / well-crafted / a bit 2 dimensional.

You should use 80-100 words for this section.
Giving recommendations
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