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Unit 5 Week 2 Pushing Up the Sky

introduction of vocabulary words

Laura Manning

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Unit 5 Week 2 Pushing Up the Sky

agreed jabbing If you were jabbing something, you would be poking at it with something pointed. signal When someone gives you a signal, it is a sign you are supposed to do something. gathered When something is gathered, it is brought together. randomly When you do something randomly, you did not have a plan or purpose behind it. When people have agreed, they have
thought the same way about something. After everyone voted yes,
we knew we all agreed. Tell about a time when you and
your family agreed on something. Can you think of something else people gather? I gathered shells at the beach. What happens when you pick
names out of a hat randomly? She randomly picked a number
between one and ten. When have you heard or seen a signal?
What did it tell you to do? We listened for the signal,
so we would know when to begin the race. What is a word that means
the same as jabbing? We were jabbing the
clay with toothpicks.
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