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Prince Royce

No description

Ashley Royce .

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Prince Royce

Prince Royce
Prince Royce, otherwise known as, Geoffrey Royce Rojas was born in May 11, 1989, in the Bronx, New York.He was raised by full blooded Dominican parents.

Prince Royce is a Bachata, R&B, Latin Pop singer. He sings both in English and in Spanish.
Who is Prince Royce
Prince Royce since he has Dominican parents, he was exposed to Bachata music. At the age of thirteen, Prince Royce began writing his own poetry.At the age of fifteen he started to add music to his poetry, to create his songs.When he told his family he wanted to be a singer, his mom gave him all her support, because it was also her long dream to be a singer.
The beginning of his career
Prince Royce was thinking of a stage name. He was thinking of just going with "Royce"as a stage name, but he thought that wouldn't pull fans attention. He searched up the meaning of "Royce" , he found out Royce meant " king's son or prince. That's how his stage name was created.
Creation of his name
Prince Royce at the age on nineteen met Andres Hidalgo who later on became his manager. He became know for his two singles, "Stand by me" and " Corazon sin Cara" they were both in the Billboard Tropical Songs.He turned the song "Stand by me" by Ben E. King to his own Bachata version.
How he became famous
Prince Royce
When was he born
Prince Royce Albums:Prince Royce
Phase 11
Soy el mismo


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