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The Complexity of Interracial Dating: Black Men's Response to "Angry Black Women"

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Kothney-Issa Guillaume

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of The Complexity of Interracial Dating: Black Men's Response to "Angry Black Women"

Personal Interest
I am a Haitian who has been identified as African American
My friends were the "Angry Black women"
There's a need for progression
What would you do?
Looking Behind the Stereotypes of the "Angry Black Woman": An Exploration of Black Women's Responses to Interracial Relationships
Author: Erica Child
The college women in her study feel betrayed by the men
Older married women feel they need to work harder to prove loyalty
She concludes that the problem is racism and sexism
Qualitative Method
Unstructured interviews were conducted allowing participants to be open and honest
Participants were 16 African American males between 18-23 on William Jewell campus
Grounded theory method is based on the relationship between data and catogeries
Interview Questions
What would I change?
Extend my research to different environments (i.e. church, workplace)
Only interview males who were in interracial relationships
Consider cognitive dissonance as a factor in these conversations
Focus on why White women are targeted as opposed to all other races
The Complexity of Interracial Dating: Black men's response to "Angry Black Women"
Kothney-Issa J. Guillaume

Black/White interracial relationships
Black and White families are more accepting of interracial dating (Kaba)
Some Black women still feel this way
Many studies focus on Black women and interracial dating
No male response to black women
Research Question
How will African American men respond to African American women's objections to interracial dating?
There was a strong sense of loyalty and pride to their Black culture
One's background has a lot to do with who you date
Many felt strongly about the negative responses
Progression happens through integration
Dating someone has nothing to do with their race
Many African American women feel African American men who date White women view them as superior to Black women. How would you respond to them?
How would you respond to the statement "Black men who are with White women are usually submerged in White culture and have White friends?
Black Americans and Interracial Marriage: A Focus on Black Women
Author: Jacky Amadu Kaba
Interracial relationships and acceptance of them have increased
This study touched on Black males motivation for dating White women
It suggested that Black women are rejecting non-black males
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