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The History Of Stuffed Animals!

Some of the facts you would never have thought of...All about YOUR stuffed toy:)

Casey Murphy

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of The History Of Stuffed Animals!

The Very Beginning:) The idea of stuffed animals originated from the early Egyptians and came from the idea of taxidermy or real animals that had been stuffed. The making of stuffed animals:) Stuffed animals are often filled with beans,cotton,straw or wool.The covering can be made from velvet and felt. How the teddy bear got his name:) The teddy bear came from a legend including Theodore Roosevelt.Theodore was out hunting one day when he came across a bear cub.He refused to kill the cub and someone saw him and animated the scene. The first brand of stuffed animals:) The first brand of stuffed animals was created by a German company, called Steiff. In 1880, they created the original teddy bear. Many people love stuffed animals:) Sir John Betjennan died with his stuffed animal in his arms and many of his poems are aimed at his teddy bear.Queen Elizabeth also admitted her love for the stuffed animals. Name for a person Alot of people are given titles and just like everything else a person who loves a certain stuffed animal has a name.A person who loves a teddy bear is called an arctophile.It's a greek word and arcto means bear and philos means lover. The History Of Stuffed Animals Popular stuffed animals Some of the most popular stuffed animals then and now are the teddy bear and the sock monkey. Stuffed Animal Collectables:) Then and Now:) Today we have stuff that people didn't have when the stuffed animals first existed.Now our stuffed animals have their own world .They have a wide variety of stuffed animals now that we didn't have then. Webkinz came out in 2005.Now on webkinz you can make your own garden,adopt multiple pets and play lots of games with your pets!You can even earn money which is called Kinzcash Webkinz :D Straw Dolls:) Kids and adults used to play with straw dolls which were dolls that were stuffed with straw. They also had corn husk dolls where the covering was made from corn husk Dolls and shows:) Some stuffed animals had TV shows BEFORE they were a stuffed animal. Like the care bears were first a TV show then they came out with the stuffed toy. So basically these toys were based off of the TV show. Stuffed animals can be anything.They can be a frog or bear or person!When it comes to shapes the stuffed animals don't really have a limit.Also when it comes to size,the plush toy can be as tall as me or as small as fly. Shape of the toys:) Comics and Toys :) Just like how some stuffed animals came from TV shows, some came from comics. It can be any comic and there is probably a stuffed toy for each character.Lots of our comic-based toys are snoopy,or some hero's. Build a bear:) Build a bear is a familiar shop that almost every mall has.Build a bear workshop came to be in 1997 and its where you can build your own bear(hence the name).Build a bear has over 400 stores worldwide. Now the build a bear workshop has stations that you have to go to.Like first you choose the animal you want and you go to the stuffing station and put a heart in the bear and the fill it with stuffing.Then you can go towards the accessories and doll up you new toy. THEN:) NOW:)
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