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An (extra)-ordinary person YOU!

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ankit chhabra

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of An (extra)-ordinary person YOU!

Rajneesh Khattar
Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder, which is present even before the birth of a child.
Severe cases
(Thalassemia Major)
the body from

& a
full blood transfusion
No cure
Only prevention
: Hence my project.
It aims to
aware people
of their
of Thalassemia Minors don't know their status all their life, they live a normal life like you and me.
A new born
baby can also be

if both parents are

Parul Gupta
It was my dream to spread happiness to each and every corner of the world and adore as many children as possible.
So my project was born to accomplish this thing only.
We created workshops where children from any section of society were invited and were allowed to do anything they wanted.
We dance, sing, play and definitely learn together.
Sanjay Jain
Its all about togetherness among the family friends.
Our elders needed to be loved, cared and be whole about themselves.
Idea is to reciprocate same for juniors of the family as well.
All in all, my project is the possibility of coming together of families and friends not just in case of happiness or sorrow but also in our routine life.
Shalini Juneja
…..An access to lead powerfully
A Glimpse into the life of an extra ordinary person
Ankita Saikia
A leadership knowledge bridge between NE India and mainland India.
“D' JOY” (Discover your professional Godfather)
Taiyyaari future ki....
Sukhvinder Singh
No more Divorce...
Rahul Jain
The condition of
schools for Jain community
in terms of
and level of
My project is to bring these schools at par with the
education system of convent
and other private schools.
To create s structure where our schools and
associated with them

these steps in

after completing them in my home city, Rohtak.
“Mil Kar Chalenge, Mil Kar Bhadenge”
Teachers are known as the pillars of a nation and future building. They have one of the biggest role to play.
Imagine what would happen if the source of power (Teachers) are themselves dis empowered. Hence the need of my project "
It is a purposeful drive to lead towards a value based education system and transformation to our society.
Idea is to create a teacher who is
enough to guide our children towards the future of prosperity.
India can double its economy if it utilizes the full human intelligence of diverse racial communities.
Hence my project emphasizes that great proven leaders of the nation can create more corporate leaders from the workforce of NE as well.
It is my mission to enhance the human potential to reach the corner office and create a whole new breed of Fortune 500 in India itself.
It is an initiative to create an atmosphere that is suitable for each one of us to enjoy a married life in
to express oneself.
biggest threat
to humanity is the concept we live with "
I, Me & Mine
The challenge is to deal with the circumstances and
preserve the relation
which is in trouble due to an excess of our own identities.
Bhushan Verma
It is an
towards bringing
in my
community and
creating opportunities for everyone
by building a
strong social network,
personal and professional.
Senior citizens
have a platform
to share their leanings
in life
generation and have a healthy experience of being heard and contributing to the budding generation.
Professional network building amongst neighbors.
Children developing the values of sharing and Helping.
Manish Saxena
My project is about creating a relationship between Younger and the Older Generation.
My target is to realize the importance of the situation , get them involved in the activities on regular basis which would involve both the generations and Bridge the gap between the two. This would create a world of never ending love , bonding and Great Relationships.
“Apna Budhapa Sudharo”
Dhavleen Kaur
23 percent of girls drop out of school when they start menstruating. Many rural women do not have enough resources to buy sanitary napkins.
Neglecting these basic hygiene has caused a lot of diseases in women like infections, infertility and even cervical cancer.
So my project focuses on providing sanitary pads to the underprivileged women of our society.
It's high time for such an important issue to be kept ignored in this society. I take a stand for the women of our society, do you?
“Women Hygiene”
Kalpana Sharma
Situation is that blind kids are deprived of love and happiness and their potential is restricted.
My project aims to change that.
We visit these kids and play, sing, dance with them and so on.
They know how to play cricket and if some love is showered and care being taken they can overcome any hurdle.
They are legends in making and my project aims to nourish these legends when they are young. :)
“MAST HAI... HUM!! :)”
Rajesh Yadav
Making India Skill Ready
Sanjay Grover
This project is about creation of awareness among society how to prevent ourself from lifestyle diseases.
Not only the awareness we also aim to generate passive sort of Income on part time basis.
Without any investment and just following little advices we are able to earn upto 90,000 per month.
Latika Khanna
A jewellery designer by profession, my intentions are to expand my business and generate lot of jobs.
Intention is to become a strong business woman and inspire others to make them go beyond their potential.
Create more skilled jewellery making professionals and more compensation to their work
Apart from this I ahve also taken the initiative to bring our neighbourhood together.
Kick off this project started with wine tasting awareness program and there is a lot more to come.
Papori Mehdi
There are so many schemes under BPL. But they are not reaching to the right people.
Because of the lack of awareness about these schemes, work is not being done the way it is meant to be.
We are doing some theatrical workshops and preparing some piece of performance by themselves and demonstrate in front of other and keep space for audience to participate.
"They are not poor only they have different exposer. Let’s make a breeze."
“PIN DROP IN Silence...”
Vikas Arora
Investment advisory and Financial services industry is a vast and dynamic subject
Each investor or individual looking for best advice.
Purpose of my project is to enhance the skill set of people involved in the industry, taking skill set level of new entrants in the industry to new heights by training programs.
They can further provide best of services to their clients, to serve them best forever, which also takes care of their jobs and carrier growth.
Srishti Chourasia
Ankit Chhabra
Reality is that we don't actually care about the people begging and just give them some money out of pity, sympathy or to satisy our souls.
These beggars are actually making money more than what an middle class honest man can earn.
Being uneducated and unaccounted they are a source of black money, piracy, murders, rapes and so many other crimes.
My project aims for a better society by eliminating beggary not the beggars.
We are working on providing permanent jobs to capable persons and school admissions to the children.
The biggest challenge is not to get them jobs but to sustain change in their thought process.
Shivangni Chaudhary
Most of the college students of our country have the knowledge but no or very little practical training of industry.
Hence most of the freshers face problems in getting placements.
This is a platform for the Industry experts to come together and work for the project “Skill4India”.
In this project we would provide skills to college students to increase their employability in the industries
Justifying the talent and potential of our student community, we aim to make them more trained.
Preeti Issar
There are so many problems related to location of our homes like garbage, noise pollution and chaotic neighbourhood.
My project started with betterment of my own society. We targeted the mess created by the event planners hosting "functions" in our neighbourhood.
After we had complaned to the authorities and no action was taken. We started the legal process and submitted the proofs. Some of the photos can be seen here.
Amit Munjal
Shubham Verma
Families are falling apart and on very small issues they are fighting among themselves.
My project focuses on creating an environment of love, peace and happiness among family members and relatives.
It aims to sort out the years of differences between them and channelize their energy towards happiness together.
We have lot of unused toys and stuff which could be provided to the kids who can't afford them.
In my project, I am collecting toys, clothes, eatables, books etc from household which our children have outgrown and providing them to underprivileged children and NGO's.
All the stuff collected is in good shape and it is not rejected things. This initiative is to bring smiles on the children and putting the stuff to right use.
" Aap mujhe Toys do, mei aapko smiles dungi".
Apne ko clear hai... 10,000 lives have been transformed by me. Kam se kam 1,00,000 ki khud se badalni hai. Baki vo jitno ki badle vo alag...
Theek hai!
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