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Joshua D. Young - Resume

No description

Joshua Young

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Joshua D. Young - Resume

Joshua D. Young
2000 - 2002 Pennsylvania College of Technology Williamsport, PA
A.A.S., Computer Information Systems - Networking and Technical Support
Joshua Douglas Young
One College Ave.
Williamsport, PA 17701

(570) 555-1234

Program Goals
Presented at Educause NERCOMP 2006
Work Experience
Personal Information
Analyze the needs and select and develop an appropriate solution including appropriate consideration for security.

Demonstrate proficiency in the core Information Technologies.
Identify the underlying principles upon which the core information technologies are based and how information is generated and disseminated to address user requirements.

Use critical thinking and problem solving skills to address IT needs and solve IT problems.

Employ accepted practices and standards within the IT industry.

Identify and explain how changes in the IT discipline affect business, industry and their work environment.
2003 - 2006 Pennsylvania College of Technology Williamsport, PA
B.A., Computer Information Systems - Data Communications and Networking
Program Goals
Assess the needs of an IT related problem and select, develop, integrate, and administer an appropriate solution including the appropriate application of security to protect the user's interests.

Identify and explain the underlying principles upon which the core information technologies are based and how information is generated and disseminated to address user requirements.

Practice organizational and project planning skills.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing, using language appropriate for the intended audience.

Practice sufficient skill with the mathematics and science that underlie the core information technologies and the technologies specific to the selected majors of interest.

Apply necessary collaborative skills.

Employ accepted practices and standards within the IT industry.

Identify and explain standards of professionalism as they pertain to personal and work-related endeavors.

Identify and explain the social, ethical and legal implications of Information Technology.
2012 - Present Bloomsburg University Bloomsburg, PA
M.S., Instructional Technology Specialist - Education Track
Program Goals
The MSIT Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) concentration is designed for professionals charged with integrating interactive technologies into educational teaching environments. This program is ideal for individuals such as technology specialists, instructional technologists, curriculum developers, and media specialists. This program may be completed either on-campus or online.
In addition to having a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology, graduates from the program, with the appropriate selection of electives and passing PRAXIS scores, are also granted Instructional Technology Specialist Certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
Feb. 2001 – Jan. 2009
Virtual Resources Manager
Pennsylvania College of Technology – Madigan Library
Williamsport, PA
Job Summary
Responsible for the administration, development, and general effectiveness of all Virtual Resources within the library. These Virtual Resources include applications that delivery information to library users via the Internet, including the Library Web, SIRSIDynix Library Management System, Electronic Reserves, Document Delivery and Resource Sharing, CastNet Media Player and other digital services within the library.
Key Projects/Duties
- One of three team leaders who worked with three campus departments that created an interactive library tutorial for over 2000 incoming freshmen per year taking English Composition I.

- Managed SIRSIDynix Intergrated Library System (ILS), 90+ Databases, E-Journals, and Web site.

- Researched, tested, and implemented new virtual resources to be integrated with the Madigan Library.
Feb. 2009 – Current
Learning Systems Administrator
Pennsylvania College of Technology – Office of Instructional Technology
Williamsport, PA
Job Summary
Under the direction and supervision of the Director, this person will manage, provide technical support for, and maintain all facets of the College's Learning Management System (LMS) and its associated third-party tools and special applications. This individual will also work with the Director and Information Technology Services staff to investigate and integrate the LMS with existing student and employee information systems.
Key Projects/Duties
- Developed a Flash Streaming Media player and management module

- Create training/tutorials on the use of Instructional Technology in the classroom.

- Manage all aspects of the Learning Management System and develop new ways to utilize the system.
Apr. 2009 – Current
J.D. Web Consulting Firm
Williamsport, PA
J.D. Web Consulting Firm (JDWeb) was founded to manage
freelance eCommerce projects.

JDWeb knows first hand how challenging it can be to start a new cyber business. After all, we are one. We understand that sailing the rough seas of the Internet is sometimes too much for a business to manage, what with everything else that needs to be dealt with on a daily basis.

JDWeb provides a variety of tailored social media and customer support services, both great and small, for all kinds of businesses. Where other companies will merely show you how to do it, we take that responsibility off of your hands completely.

We'll work with you to make certain your audience knows everything you want them to know, in the best ways possible online - promotions, updates, important news, and more - all written to greet your audience and hold their attention. With us working at your side, you're free to focus on the things that matter: running your business.

Depending on the service or website you provide, we can take care of your blog, forum, Facebook, Twitter, emails received, and MORE. With continuous work in these areas, you can be certain that your website will grow in popularity and search ranking, gradually building a trusted, valuable brand that will last throughout the years.
Session: The Road to Creating an Interactive Library Tutorial
for 1,300 Students
Abstract: Three departments collaborated to conceptualize,
design, and implement an interactive library tutorial using Adobe
Flash, housed in Angel Learning Management System. More than
1,300 students reviewed one of seven tracks using replicas of
live screens from the college's library catalog, ProQuest, and
Google, took the embedded quiz, and completed an
independent assignment.
Sample Tutorial Video: Boolean Logic
SirsiDynix Northeast Regional
Users Group (SNRG)
In June 2004, along with Bucknell University, a user group was
developed for users of the SirsiDynix Library Information System.

Penn College supported this new users group and specifically, I
contributed by developing the website, logo, and compiling data of
each library.

In 2008, Penn College librarian, Tracey Amey and myself planned the
annual conference hosted on the college campus. In addition to
managing the conference, I lead a panel discussion on system
administration and API programming development.
Lycoming County Big Read 2007
The National Endowment for the Arts is funding the The Big Read in
communities across the nation, aiming to rejuvenate interest in literary
reading. For the program here, facilitated by the Lycoming County
Library System/James V. Brown Library, Penn College and other
Lycoming County partners will present activities related to Harper Lee’s
classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

During the Big Read, I helped in developing the website, promotional
materials, and videos.
Lycoming County Big Read 2007 - Promotional Video
http://bitly.com/TicFLZ (Read more about Big Read 2007)
http://bit.ly/RIY0GW (Article)
Programming Languages
Server Technologies
Flash Media Server
Adobe Creative Suite
Website Portfolio
(Madigan Library)
(Penn College ANGEL LMS)
(Penn College WildcatComic Con)
(My Electronic Mom)
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