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Stanford University By:Archita

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#AA Battery

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Stanford University By:Archita

What type of area is Stanford at?
Stanford is a succesful residential campus and community Which is on 8,000 acres of foothills and flatlands. Students have access not only to extraordinary campus resources but also to the Bay Area's many cultural and outdoor attractions!!
stanford's population of students
Over 11,000 students live in standford
Education at Stanford
You could take bachelor/master degree programs and take classes in the graduate schools of education, law, medicine and business.
Fun things to do in Stanford
you can visit the Hoover Tower, Memorial Church, Cantor Arts Center, Athletic Facilities, Stanford Shopping Center,The Dish, Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve,
Stanford Linear Accelerator and so much more!!
Your home at stanford
97% of undergraduates live in on-campus housing.57% of housing-eligible graduate students live on campus.80 diverse facilities, including all-freshmen and four-class residences, small group houses, apartments and suites.
more info/Fun Facts
Here is a video about standford's awsomeness!!!!!!!!!!
Stanford University By Archita
there are 6,500 under graduates and 5,000 graduates
how many students are in one classroom?
There are nineteen students or less inside 2/3 of Stanford's classrooms.
Types of homes
You could live in big group houses, affordable apartments, four class residences and suites.

ோவை பார்த்து நன்றி
Tution and fees for graduate students
the tution for the School of Medicine is $16,333. The fees are 12,552 dollars.
what city is Stanford in?
Stanford is near Palo Alto and is in silicon valley.
Silicon Valley is south of san fransisco in california
Thank You
Famous People Who Went To Stanford
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