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Copy of Properties of Squares, Rectangles, Rhombus, and Parallelograms

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Meg Stoddardd

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Properties of Squares, Rectangles, Rhombus, and Parallelograms

polygons with 4 sides Quadrilaterals
Both pairs of opposite sides parallel
Both pairs of opposite sides congruent
1 pair of opposite sides are parallel and congruent
Diagonals bisect each other
Both pairs of opposite angles are congruent
Consecutive angles supplementary Parallelograms
All parallelogram properties.
Has a right angle
Diagonals are congruent Rectangles Rhombus
All parallelogram properties
All sides congruent
Diagonals perpendicular
Diagonals bisect the opposite angles Squares
All properties of parallelogram
All properties of rectangle
All properties of rhombus Here is a song to help you get everything straight! (Square and Rectangle talking)
Square: I am so much better than you.
Rectangle: No you’re not.
Square: Yes I am. I have so many more properties than you do.
Rectangle: Whatever, you get a lot of your properties from me!
Square: So what?
Rectangle: Well if I can explain we’re more alike than we seem...
Square: - Well... (Begins to sing to the tune of Anything you can do I can do better) Anything you can do I can do better! I can do anything better than you!
Rectangle: No you can’t
Square: Yes I can!
Rectangle: No you can’t
Square: Yes I can, Yes I can!
Square: Anything you can be I can be better! Sooner or later I’m greater than you!
Rectangle: No you’re not!
Square: Yes I am!
Rectangle: No you’re NOT!
Square: Yes I am, yes I am!
Square: I have all congruent angles and I don’t have any tangles. I have four congruent sides and look at my great new ride. My diagonals bisect my angles.
Rectangle: For real?
Square: Yes!
Rectangle: So can a rhombus!
Square: Any property you have, I have one more!
Rectangle: No you don’t!
Square: Yes I do!
Rectangle: No you don’t!
Square: Yes I do!
Rectangle: No you don’t!
Square: Yes I do!
Rectangle: No you don’t!
Square: Yes I do!
Rectangle: NO YOU DON’T!
Square: YES I DO! YES I DO!
Square: My diagonals are perpendicular. As you can see I’m so extracurricular. I’ve got four right angles!
Rectangle: So do I!
Square: (Just talking again) Oh... Well I’m still so much better than you because...(Begins to sing) My diagonals are also congruent. As you can see my properties are very mutant!
Rectangle: (Both talking) Umm.... My diagonals are congruent too so ha!
Square: Well... I still have way more properties than you!
Real World Example 10 Great Websites About Properties 1.http://www.coolmath.com/reference/squares.html

2x+ 10 6x+6 Scattered thoughout this stained glass window there are rectangles; Using you knowledge of rectangles find the measure of their diagonals. 12 in 12 in. 3 in. 3 in. 56 Finding Length of Diagonals
1) 2x+10 = 6x-6 Diagonals of Rectangles are congruent
2) 4x-6 = 10 Subtract 2x from each side
3) 4x = 16 Subtract 6 from each side
4) x = 4 Divide 4 from each side
5) 2(4)+10 or 6(4)-6 Plug in x for one of the equations
*Measure of Diagonal= 18 A B C D (Student just came out of class and can’t keep the properties of parallelograms, rectangles, rhombuses, and squares straight. All of a sudden a parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, and square walk up and help explain their properties to help the student understand better.)
Student: (Talking to himself)I still don’t understand all the properties of rectangles, squares, and trapezoids.
Square: (All of a sudden approaches the boy with rectangle and trapezoid) Hey kid, how could you not understand how our properties work… it’s so simple.
Rectangle: Well maybe he just gets our properties confused because they are all very similar.
Trapezoid: Here let us help you get everything straight. First thing you need to know is we all get a lot of our properties from our good friend the parallelogram.
(Parallelogram approaches)
Parallelogram: Hey there son let me tell you a little about myself. Both of my sides opposite one another are congruent and parallel. My diagonals also bisect each other, which means the lines coming from one of my vertex crossing over to the other split each other in half. Last, my angles that are opposite each other are congruent and my angles that share the same leg are supplementary.
Student: Oh cool I think I understand it all little bit better.
Trapezoid: Okay me next. I am basically a parallelogram with all congruent sides. I also have perpendicular diagonals that bisect my opposite angles. This means diagonals form right angle and split my opposite angles in half.
Student: Oh okay that makes everything a lot easier to understand.
Rectangle: Now my properties are even easier because I am a combination of a parallelogram with right angles and congruent diagonals; it’s as simple as that.
Student: Well gosh that’s an easy way to think of it.
Square: Man guys ya’ll make my properties look like nothing. Okay kid I’m the easiest to understand; All I am is a parallelogram, rhombus and rectangle all mixed into one.
Student: Thanks guys I ya’ll have showed me a whole new way of looking at it!
Parallelogram, Square, Rectangle, & Rhombus together: Your welcome kid! Good luck on your test!
Property Help Skit Letter to a Friend
Dear Paige,
I heard you were out the day we learned the properties of a rectangle and square. Lucky for you, you have me for a friend and I am willing to teach them to you. First off, you know the properties of a parallelogram right? Well both rectangles and squares have all the same properties that a parallelogram has. For example, squares and rectangles have both pairs of opposite sides parallel, their diagonals bisect each other, consecutive angles are supplementary, etc. If you can imagine the properties as a flow chart the properties of a quadrilateral are at the top, next are the parallelogram properties, then the rectangle and rhombus properties, last the square. Like I said before, rectangles have all the same properties of a parallelogram plus it has right angles, and its diagonals are congruent. Hopefully so far everything is making sense. Then there are the properties of a square which basically has all the same properties as a rectangle, rhombus, and parallelogram. This means that a square is a parallelogram with right angles, congruent, perpendicular and bisecting diagonals AND congruent sides. Therefore a square is a rhombus and rectangle combined (along with a parallelogram, but that is implied). I hope this letter was helpful for you, and to see you back at school soon!
Your Friend,
Art Piece
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