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Work and Power

No description

sofia arce

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Work and Power

Power Has a precise meaning
in science, power is
the rate of doing work. To increase power, you can increase the amount of work done in a given time, or you can do a given amount of work in less time. The formula is work/time Work Machines Example: Your family is moving to a new apartment. While lifting a box 1.5m straight up to put it on a truck, you exert an upward force of 200N for 10s.
How much power is required to do this? Is the product of force and distance Work is done when a force acts on an object in the direction the object moves. Work requires motion: If there is no movement no work is done Work depends on direction: The amount of work done on an object depends on the direction of force and movement Calculating Work: Multiplyng the constant force acting in the direction of motion by the distance Formula: Work: Force x Distance Units of work: The product of force and distance results in joules (J) Using the Work formula: Simply substitute the correct values into the formula and multiply The lug wrench and the jack are machines that help people make tasks they wouldnt be able to do Solution:
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