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Diamond DuBoulay

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Gender

It is believed that the igbo tribe originated in an area about 100 miles north of their current location at the confluence of the Niger and Benue Rivers. They share linguistic ties with thier neighbors the Bini, Igala, Yoruba and Idoma, with the split between them probaly occuring between 5 and 6 thousand years ago.
Igbo People
Question 2
Men Roles
1. To go to work
2. Help the women take care of the house
3. Help with the children.
Women Roles
1. cooking
2. cleaning
3. Bride Price
Question 1
What Characteristics are considered distinctly masculine and distinctly feminine? Do such stereotypes hold true in the actions of the actual characters

Answer: The dominiant role for women is: First, to make a good wife for the husband .
Second, be a obeying wife
Third, to bare many children

the ideal man provides his family materially in his greeat ability in the battlefield
The Foundations of Igbo culture is ingrained with gender roles
Which character cross gender stereotypes? What are their occupations or roles in society?How does society react ( if at all ) to the break from normal gender roles?

The gender theme in the book centers around the idea of balance between masculine and feminine force- body and mind, and emotionality and rationality, mother and father.
Economy: The majority of the Igbo are farmers
what is the purpose of the gender - coding almost every aspect of society - right down to crops?

Answer: the novel revolves around the structured gender roles. All of Igbo lives are gendered. characterized the Igbo life style.
Question 3
How might Okonkwo's personality be seen as the results of an imbalance between nurturing feminine and aggressive musculine forces?
Question 4
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