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Create a Creative Classroom Environment

NAEA 2014 San Diego

Laura Lynn Emberson

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Create a Creative Classroom Environment

prompt with written response

collection of prompt responses

“If you have lost your way, don’t despair. You’ll find it everywhere”

Students take the art out of the classroom and into the community

Use prompts to influence artistic thinking beyond the art classroom that can impact students’ artistic and personal development while building a strong artistic community

Create spaces where kids make community art happen

community art wall

student generated murals



Olivia Gude and Spiral Workshop
Keri Smith
How To Be An Explorer Of The World
finding faces in strange place
my artwork

fifth grade

"This year in Art I decided to focus on memories: this is one of them (my Wings). When I was about 6, my grandfather and I used to watch forbirds at his house in North Carolina. I was so interested in them. My mom got me a $50 bird book that made bird sounds. I remember my feeling of success when I had memorized at least half of the bird sounds in the book. although I can't identify all the bird songs now, I still love birds and this was my inspiration for my project."- Hope
first one
second one
third one
fourth one
fifth one
sixth one
seventh one
eighth one
ninth one
MCPS Arts Conference: 2015 Fresh Perspectives
first grade
second grade

fourth grade


third grade
self portraits

presented by Laura Lynn Emberson: llemberson@gmail.com

Foster artistic thinking in your school community

wearable art

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” —Anaïs Nin
Art lets your thoughts become visible
Lesson idea from "Draw It With Your Eyes Closed: The Art of the Art Assignment" by Paper Monument 2012
Artistic thought process naturally links a theme or personal question that seeks an answer
I wanted to make an airport and then I changed to underwater. My uncle is a Navy scuba diver and finds the dead bodies to be buried. These are vehicles for land and under water.

Do you want your elementary and middle school art students to feel empowered? This session will focus on a student-relevant classroom curriculum, an interactive community art-wall and school wide student-generated murals that impacts everyone in the school community

Middle School

6th grade

7th grade
8th grade
Drawing Space and Perspective
sketchbook Investigations
Task Party
Studio Thinking
Transitional Space
Sketchbook Investigations
drawing 3-d space

New Muralism is when you use your artistic talents to help people- nether
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