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Albert Fish

No description

Sarah Brockway

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Albert Fish

Albert Fish- The Werewolf of Wysteria
By Carl Altoveros, Sarah Brockway, Daniel Jung

Period: 2

Date: Winter break 2014-2015

Teacher: Ms. Sinclair

Killer: Albert H. Fish
Hannah Montana
-A sadist, Albert Fish enjoyed bringing pain to others.
-He seeked the high of danger. When inquired about what he felt about being electrocuted, he said he was looking forward to feeling "the only thrill he hasn't felt yet."

The best of both worlds, he was a
of an organized and disorganized killer:
-During the act, he covered his traces well by utilizing his harmless image.
-However, he was careless in that he sent physical, obscene letters to women.

He called his instruments for killing the "Implements of Hell." It included a meat cleaver, a butcher's knife, and a saw. His main ways to kill were strangulation and dismemberment.
The Case of Grace Budd
Aura Phase:
He found his lust for cannibalism raising his 6 children.
Trolling Phase:
He appeared to be benign. He acted like a regular old man who was interested in hiring Edward Budd for work.
Wooing Phase:
Talked to Mrs. Budd inquiring about Edward, but instead took interest in her younger daughter Grace. Invited her to a birthday party for his niece.
Capture Phase:
Albert stripped naked to avoid getting blood on his clothes, hid in a closet, and locked Grace to the ground.
Murder Phase:
He strangled Grace to death, later dismembering her and cooking her in a stew.
Totem Phase:
Albert cooked most of his victims to eat. He said it took him 9 days to finish eating Grace's remains. He sometimes would carry around some of her flesh
Depression Phase:
Years after consuming Grace Budd, Albert felt it necessary to write a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Budd describing the event to them. He wrote in detail about what he did to her and how he felt about it.
Nature vs. Nurture
Altered State of mind/ Areas of the Brain affected/active
Symptoms, Disorders, Treatment
Arrest and Trial
-Held in March 1935 and lasted for 10 days
-The letter Albert had wrote to Mrs. Budd was the reason officials found him.
- Officials waited outside his house for Albert.
- Albert agreed to come along quietly, but pulled out a razor on the official.
- Albert confessed to all the murders he was suspected of.

- Big issue was determining if Albert was insane or not.
- Jury still accused him sane, therefore guilty and he was sentenced to death by electric chair.
Current Status
1. Albert Fish has been dead for 79 years.
Interesting Facts
6. He had a boyfriend at the age of 12.

7. In his youth he explored GROSS practices like urolagnia and coprophagia.

8. To the police, he claimed to have had 100 other victims scattered across the country along with Grace Budd.

9. His birth name was Hamilton Fish. He changed it to Albert after being teased in the orphanage.

10. He frequented brothels to be beaten up and whipped.

11. Carl apologizes for being absent. (x
1. Albert Fish was called the "Werewolf of Wysteria."

2. Albert Fish was a masochist.

3. When he was being electrocuted, the electric chair short circuited, requiring them to give him two shocks instead of one.

4. He was a male prostitute in New York.

5. He was born into a family with a long history of mental illnesses.
In sin he found salvation
family has a long history of mental illness
abandoned by parents, forced to live at an orphanage
the orphanage was regarded by Fish as "a place of brutality" where he was beaten and abused. Roots of his own sadistic and self-abusive habits
Like most serial killers, he was affected by both nature and nurture
Fish lured his child victims into a false state of comfort; seemed like a warmhearted grandfather figure who posed no threat to their safety
Fish claimed to hear voices in his head
Many psychiatrists described Fish as insane, but he was never clinically diagnosed

Orbital cortex NOT active, meaning Fish did not think morally or ethically
Occasionally when children such as Fish are abused and experience head injury, key areas in the brain can get damaged and lead to diminished sense of judgement, along with tendencies to be violent and act on impulses
Symptoms: sadistic tendencies such as spanking and inflicting pain on himself and others
-preferred eating private parts and behinds of the children he killed (fetishes)
-pathological liar
-suffered from dilusions
-possibly schizophrenic- claimed to hear voices in his head
-religious psychosis- would shout "I am Christ" from time to time, justified his actions as right because otherwise "an angel would have stopped him"
-Fish knew what was right and wrong, although his perception was pervertidly distorted. Therefore he was diagnosed as sane
Antipsychotic Medication
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Social Support
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