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Human resources presentation


nat blaz

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Human resources presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea I. Corporation Overview
II. HR New Delhi Department Organization
III. Recruitment
IV. Training, developement, reward
V. Rights of workers in India

-Top US construction contractor for 8 years ( Engineering News Record)
largest engineering, construction and project management company
-Portfolio: energy, transportation, communication...
-44 000 employees in 50 countries with $ 31.4 billion revenue
-Other projects: Tunnel Channel, Hong Kong International
Airport, the rebuilding of the civil instracture In Irak

Participated in the building of the hoover dam
Bechtel in India: -India is one of the most important centres of Bechtel
-Opened in 1994
-E.G Worked on Jamnagar project ( The reliance): largest refinery and petrochemical complex ever built from theground up.
-At peak of the construction, they employed more than 70 000 workers.
HR department Recruitment Recruitment General Overview Training and developement Bechtel Typical Reasons:
-Performance improvement is needed
-Overall professional development program
-For a planned change in role in the organization
-To operate or to manage of a new equipment, system, or team in the company
-To train about a specific topic
Typical specific topics -Technical skills
-Customer service
-Human relations
-Quality initiatives
-Sexual harassment General Benefits
-Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees
-Increased employee motivation
-Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain
-Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
-Increased innovation in strategies and products
-Reduced employee turnover
-Enhanced company image, e.g., conducting ethics training (not a good reason for ethics training!)
-Risk management, e.g., training about sexual harassment, diversity training
Rewards -Each manager agrees with the “HR reward responsible” on the rewarding program of his group.

-Reward are based on the specific responsibilities of each team.
Rights of workers in India The normal process for hiring starts with the identification of a position and generation of a requisition for recruitment to that position. This is all done through our SAP based HRMS system. The next steps are : 1. Position advertisement. If this is a UK based position, then we follow the UK guidelines and advertise these in the EU wide basis.
2. Resume shortlist
3. Interview and discussions
4. Compensation negotiations
5. Joining date discussion and agreement
6. Joining process

If the position is site based or International, then the process includes steps to relocate as well

8,33 > 20 %
Within 8 months
Leaves and holidays
Privilege leave
5 days
15 days
Sick leave
1 sick leave
12 sick leaves
Prejudicial behaviour
Immoral behaviour
Distractive behaviour
Abusive language
Neglecting duties
Theft fraud and dishonesty
Illegal strike

Equal treatment of men and women
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