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Australian Culture


Garrett Leger

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Australian Culture

Aboriginal Culture
Sports and Entertainment
Australian Rules Football is most popular
Cricket - one of the worlds top ranked teams
Golf - more than 1,500 golf courses
Rugby, Horse Racing, and Motor Sports are extremely popular as well
ASC - Australian Sports Commission
By: Priya Patel
Differences / Similarities With The U.S. Culture
Australians drive on the other("wrong") side of the road
They rarely dry their clothes in a dryer. Everything is air- dried, as it cost $3 a load
Finding free Wi-fi is like going on a treasure hunt
Australia is expensive
Sports are loved just as much as in America
Both English speaking
Use dollar($) as currency
Have federal systems
House/ Senate
Both have written constitutions
Love to abbreviate everything
No tipping
The price tag is final; no additional tax / gratuity.
Nearly two thirds of the population is Christian based, but one thirds do not identify with any religion
The remaining population is a diverse group that includes fast- growing Islamic and Buddhism communities.
By: Lindsey Griffin
- Literature
- Theatre
- Architecture
- Visual Arts
- Cinema
- Music
- Television
By: Amber Collins
Presentation brought to you by: Massiel Trejo, Lindsey Griffin, Amber Collins, Priya Patel, & Garrett Leger
Works Cited
Customs & Rituals
Stereotypes & Misconceptions
By: Garrett Leger
By: Garrett Leger
Below is a YouTube video containing a beautiful song entitled, "I Am Australian" that was released in 1995 by Bruce Woodly of The Seekers and Dope Newton of The Bushwackers. This song was created to celebrate the diversity amongst all Australians which, in turn, brings them together as a society.
Australia Day
By: Garrett Leger
Fun Fact
Date of Celebration
"Australia Day." History.com. A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 23 Feb. 2016.

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Did you know that "[w]hen the first Europeans settled in Australia in 1788 there were, perhaps, a million Aborigines in Australia and over 200 different spoken languages" (Indigenous Traditions - Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.).
Compared to U.S.
Melting Pot
Common Aboriginal Ritual Ceremonies
Modern Day Australians
Aboriginal Funeral Ceremonies
Language (Aussie Slang)
Compared to Texas
Rural or Urban?
Australia Day-January 26th
Anzac Day-April 25th
Boxing Day-December 26th
Christmas Day (December 27th)
Queen's Birthday
Conversation between Australia and the U.S.
fast food
Australia (Aussies)
United States perceptions of Aussies
ride kangaroos
crocodile hunter & crocodile dundee
no electricity
barbecues and shrimp
Iggy Azalea
happy people
heavy drinkers
enjoy outdoors
travel frequently
Red Meat:
Pulses & Vegetables
Vegemite sandwich
Infinite varieties of coffee
Versatile Wattle Seed

Statistics: According to the World Service poll, 44 percent of Australians had a "mainly positive" view of the United States and 46 percent had a "mainly negative" view
Family Structures
By: Lindsey Griffin
Population increasing
Traditional gender roles evident
Household types
Baby boom
Rise of couple only; having children later in life: KIPPER
- Sydney Opera House
- New Parliament House
- Newman College
- Australia Square
- Shine Dome

- High Court of Australia and National Gallery of Australia precinct
- Sydney Meyer Musical Bowl
- Cameron Office

- Indigenous Music
- Folk Music
- Folk Revival
- Country Music
- Jazz

- R&B and Soul Music
- Rock & Pop
- Electronic and Dance Music
- Classical
Ex. Australian Indigenous Music
Pioneer days 1890's - 1910
Boom & bust 1910 - 1920
1930's - 1960's
Film Renaissance 1960's - 1980's
1990 - Present

Some of the Highest-grossing Australian Movies:
Mad Max: Fury Road
Happy Feet

Australian Rituals
Christmas Holidays
Sports Rituals
Funeral Rituals
by: Amber Collins
By:Priya Patel
By:Priya Patel
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