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global warming

No description

Arwin baur

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of global warming

Global warming
Fun Facts
The last two decades of the 20th century have been hottest in the last 400 years, according to climate studies. Sea levels have risen about 7 inches in the in the last 100 years, which is more than the previous 2000 years combined. The rising sea levels due to global warming could threaten the lives of people living along the coastal areas.The global warming will completely alter the ocean’s conveyer belt which will cause a mini ice age in Europe.
There are six perspectives on global warming. The first is alarmed, being very aware and taking action while being very engaged. The second is concerned, being very aware and worried but not exactly doing a lot about it. The third is cautious, they are aware and are careful about what they do, but they are not really concerned. The fourth is disengaged, not really interested in the topic but know that is is happening. The fifth is doubtful, they don't believe it is real. And last but not leased, dismissive,they don't care what so ever and they don't believe it has ever existed.
Is environmental changes in the atmosphere, caused indirectly, or directly by humans releasing green house gases which is trapping heat in the atmosphere.
Unpredictable farming
Hope you enjoyed

Written by

Jade Martens

And Arwin Baur
A large change in seafood quantities.
Much more frequent extreme
And much more
The effects of global warming include.
Global Warming
The biggest gas emission causer is road transport, and another is animal waste which can be turned into very useful energy for rickshaws, and other vehicles. The U.S.A is the biggest causer of global warming.
How to get involved
You can decrease the use of fossil fuels and buy an energy efficient car, like the fiat 500e electric car.
You can get green-e certified appliances.
You can replace all of your lightbulbs with l.a.d.s and c.f.l.s.
And finally, don't litter
Plan of action!
Schools and work places will reduce their carbon footprints with green bins, recycling and replacing light bulbs . As well as your own homes being energy efficient. Everyone can pitch in and help the environment
In conclusion
Do you want to live in a world....
or like this
like this
You can choose the future for our planet, and take action now.
If we keep polluting at
this rate in 10 years we
will be in a continuous
loop. At that point there
is nothing we can do to
stop Global Warming.
Future Outlooks
Loss of land do to
sea levels rising.
The definition of global warming
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