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Ojos del salado

No description

Madeleine Student

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Ojos del salado

Unlike the volcanoe in the backround Ojos del salado has explosive erupions
- Here is a picture of Ojos del salado!!! Enjoy the video
Bibliography http://mobile.volcanodiscovery.com/ojos_del_salado.html

-http://www.andes.org.uk/peak-info-6000/ojos-del-salado-info.asp Ojos del salado is the largest active volcanoe in the world By: Aiden Doherty Ojos Del Salado -Located on the Chile/Argentina border 27.12°S / -68.55°W
-Explosive eruptions
-Dry conditions with snow only at peak in winter
-Contains two summit peaks with same height
-Last eruption was 1000-1500 years ago with pyroclastic flows
-Still active and has fumarolic activity as we speak
-Stratovolcano 6887 m / 22,595 ft-Year of
-First Ascent, 1937 by a Polish team
-Largest active volcano
- Source of Holocene lava flows
-Unconfirmed gas and ash report in 1993
-Last eruption was along the NNE-trending rift
- No confirmed historical eruptions
-Summit complex is elongated NE-SW direction
-In the Andes mountain range The Facts:
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