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Serena Nelson Fernandez

No description

Serena Smith

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Serena Nelson Fernandez

Born in Etobicoke Ontario,Canada, Serena was a very happy kid who lived in a house with her 2 Parents,brothers,sisters and dog. at the age of 7 Serena started gymnastics, but after 2 years serena realized this was not what she fancied. Serena started playing tennis just like famouse tennis player Serena Williams.At the age of 11 years old Serena got a scolarship for an arts high school thanks to Synergy Perfomance Arts Academy. Serena also starte dancing she did hiphop,contemporary and soon did competetive. At age 14 Serena begain makeing fashions, everyday and everynigth.( Serena also started desinging houses online at age 10)
Teenage Years

One afternoon befor & big meet and greet, Steven had decided to propose to Serena. Serena got to sing with Madison Beer at a huge consert in Nathan Phillip Square located in Toronto Ontario. Serena also landed her first mayjor role as Tyra Hiddson in a Netflix Show called LAP (Los Altos Princesses). Serena continued fashion and opened a store called Fashion.Inc. Serena won over 30 Grammys and 11 teen choise awards at this point.
Serena NF is the most popular celebrity & in 2024 she was even more popular than Kim Kardashian
its fact-ually true
Serena & Steven were happy and still very popular they helped out and even made a charity called "the right for my rights'' and had 3 children: Naila, Sam &Megan & she also had 3 dogs named Nkate ,Fab & her dog from her childhood Jack-Jack.
Senior Age
Her favorite saying was and will always be:
The End
Serena Nelson fernadez,61
Serena was now atending St.Thomas Aqunias Secondary School and was aked if she would like to preform at The Rose Theater. She said "yes!". At The Rose Theater seated between rows of people was the one and only Scouter Braunt. He noticed her amazing singing and she was off to California.
YounG Adult
At age 18 Serena moved to Los Altos, California. Serena met SkateBorder Steven Fernandez and they became best friends. Serena started 2 fashion lines and when they got old she made MORE! Serena was very lucky to have amazing suport from her subcribers on youtube & freinds/family. Her youtube channel was sterted at age 7 as LovePop877 but she grew older & changed it to SerenaNelsonVlogs
she posted beauty videos and inspartional videos & became the most subcriebed person alive with 89,017,815 on November 4th 2022.

-Walt Disney
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