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Anything But Typical Prezi

No description

stella t

on 30 April 2012

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Transcript of Anything But Typical Prezi

Plot Character(s) Connection(s) Settings Big Idea(s)
/Theme(s) The big idea/theme to me that stood out is being normal. Trying to fit in to be "cool." What Jason never realized is he was normal the whole time. His normal is being autistic. People shouldn't treat him differently because he is autistic. Imagine how he's feeling when people don't want to hang out with him because he looks "funny". Put yourself in his shoes how would you feel ? The conflict or the problem is Jason being scared. Scared to try something new, scared to go to the convention, scared to talk to girls. Eventually Jason went to the convention met Rebecca and talked to her, he over came his fear which was the solution over coming your fears and now that he did he might actually have his first real friend. Jason the main character is a twelve year old boy who is autistic. Something about Jason is that he is very shy because he's scared everyone that he meets will not like him because of the way he appears. A quote from the story is "What will happen when Rebecca sees me" on page 128. All he can think about is that. This is a major reason why Jason doesn't talk to people he's always worried about what others think. Jason also can not stand loud busy rooms, he cant focus in them. One thing Jason loves or use to love to do is write and he's good at it to, he posts stories on a website called storyboard where this girl PhoenixBird/Rebecca loves his stories and writes to Jason on the website. One of the main settings is at school where everything always goes wrong. He's excluded from everything has no real friends and doesn't like most of the teachers, almost all the classrooms are really loud and it's frustrating for Jason. The only person in the whole school that actually kinda talks to Jason is Aaron , Jasons old best friend but now everything is different. School for Jason is like prison, almost everything he does is wrong. He's just waiting to get home and check if PhoenixBird/Rebecca has replied to his message. Finally when Jason gets home the first thing he does is go on the computer, because at home is where he has people who will support him and he thinks Rebecca could be his first real friend. At home Jason can be himself around his mom his dad and his brother Jeremy. At home he can just relax in peace, it's not loud and busy with everyone yelling it's actually quite quiet the way he likes it. In Dallas,Texas is where the convention was and also where Rebecca lives. This is an important setting because this is the place where Jason and Rebecca meet, when Jason figures out Rebecca is blind.This was the place Jason faced his fears and talked to a girl in person and now he might actually have his first real friend. Problem/
Solution The moment when Jason figures out that Rebecca is going to the convention immediately his happy mood drops and in the text it said "I think something bad just happened" now all these thoughts are rushing through his head, what will she think of me ? Should I go to the convention ? What will she look like ? Too many unanswered questions. I have felt this way many times before for many different reasons but it wasn't always in a bad way sometimes I was in a sad mood and my friends cheered me up. When that one little detail, person or thing can change everything! The conflict or the problem is Jason being scared. Scared to try something new, scared to go to the convention, scared to talk to girls. Eventually Jason went to the convention met Rebecca and talked to her, he over came his fear which was the solution over coming your fears and now that he did he might actually have his first real friend. In the beginning of the story Jasons class goes to the library on the computers but when they get there Jason sees someone else in his seat and suddenly he can't breathe. He's being very stubborn and won't settle for any other computer but "his." A girl is sitting at his computer and won't get up. Miss Leno is trying to make him go on a different computer but Jason won't. She is trying to push him toward the other computer but he will not move an inch. Then Aaron Miller gets involved, thanks for him the girl Maggie listens to him but by the time Jason has logged on and is on storyboard the period is very close to being over. Jason is always writing to PhoenixBird she has now asked him if he could give his opinion on her story but it takes Jason a while to respond because he is unsure of what to say. In about the middle of the book over the weekend Jason and his family, his mom, his dad and his littlebrother Jeremy are going to visit their cousins in Glen Rock. Everything goes wrong there and this is how. When they arrive at their cousins house everything is alright, then Aunt Carol tells Seth to show Jason his new computer. Seth tells his mom the computer isn't working but he lied cause when Jason and Seth went upstairs Seth went straight to his computer and began playing. Jeremy and Bobby (Seths little brother) came into the room and ask Jason to reach something on the top shelf, then Seth with attitude says, "If it's that high, you're not suppose to have it. Did you ever think of that?" That's when Jason gets angry and he thinks this is the time when you leave the situation, walk away. Just to make it worse Seth shouts,"Yeah,good. Why don't you and your defective brother get out of my room already, you're smelling up the place."Now Jason is really angry and has no control over his body he kicks Seth and he falls over his chair into his stack of CDs, they all tumble onto the rug . Then there is a crackling noise of CDs being stepped on and breaking. Jeremy is proud of Jason for doing what he did but his parents are not. Still in the middle of the book but closer to the end Jason has been talking to PhoenixBird a lot more and tells all Aaron and his friends she is his girlfriend. No one believes Jason because he doesn't know her name yet only her screen name of PheonixBird. All of the guys are making fun of Jason and him making things up to fit in. Finally one day Jason figures out her name. Rebecca. Jason is thinking he is making his first real friend they're talking a lot and sharing things with each other and friends do that. One night before Jason is about to go to bed his parents walk into the room and tell him he is going to Dallas, Dallas Texas. Because this year the storyboard convention is in Texas. The storyboard convention is where Authors all get together and do workshops for people who like to write and possibly want to become an author. Jason can't wait to tell Rebecca he is going to the storyboard writers convention, but when Jason logs in he sees Rebecca has written to him. She says she is going to go to the writers convention and now Jason knows something bad has happened. Now Jason does not want to go to the convention, he does not want to meet her cause when she sees him she'll know somethings different about him, that he is autistic. Jason is desperately trying to get his parents not to make him go, but he is going and so is Rebecca. Now entering the end of the book Jason and his mom are going to the convention. When they get to Dallas, Texas they check in at their hotel and go to their room to settle in and go to sleep and get ready for tomorrow, the convention. The next day Jason does not want to go, and his mother understands and is not making him go but then Jason decides he will go to make his mother happy. When they are at the convention first they need to get their tags. Jason hears something, the person at the front desk is talking to a girl named Rebecca and right away he knew it was her. It turns out Rebecca is ... blind?!?!? This is shocking to Jason but he is also relieved she can't see him and won't know he is autistic. Then Rebecca goes up to Jason and asks, "Are you Jason?" Jason nods and then his mother starts talking with Rebecca about what a great writer Jason is. The next day after all of Jasons workshops before Jason and his mother leave and go back home Jason sees Rebecca one last time and he wants to make her his girlfriend but before he can tell her she has to go. After that Jason and his mom go on their flight home.
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