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Bridge Building

No description

Ethan Ostrov

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Bridge Building

Bridge Building
West Point Bridge Designer
By Ethan Ostrov and Matt Hyatt
Hollow Tubes or Solid Bars
Learn the importance of the selection between a solid bar and a hollow tube.
When you press this button
This is a failed bridge.
I am going to teach you what the Blue and Red lines mean
The Different Kinds Of Metal
Here we will teach you about the different kinds of metal you can use for hollow tubes and solid bars.
The other metal bars are pulling on this one so it is getting stretched out and cannot hold the bridge up very well, it has a lot of tension.

The other metal bars are compressing this down so this bar bend and will not hold up the bridge up very well.
We are going to teach you how to Build bridges in West Point Bridge Designer
It tests your bridge in a simulated bridge test with a truck driving over it.
Hollow Tubes
Hollow tubes are much better with dealing with compression than solid bars but a little more expensive. When you have a problem with tension use hollow tubes.
Solid Bars
Solid bars are much cheaper than hollow tubes and are better in tension.When you are working with tension use solid bars
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel is the cheapest of the metals but the weakest. It can break in two if you are not careful.
High strength Low alloy
High Strength Low alloy is the best deal because it is medium strong and medium priced.
High Quenched and Tempered
Quenched and Tempered is the best but most expensive of the metals. If one of your bars or tubes are having trouble holding up make it Quenched and Tempered.
Our Bridge
Sadly we tried many times to make a bridge but all of our attempts failed.
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