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Visual Design Principles

No description

Sharon Faith

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Visual Design Principles

Visual Design Principles
1. Use the layout to your advantage.
2. No Sentences
Bulleted Text
Not Sentences
3. Less is More

White space helps with focus
6x6 (six bullets-six words per bullet
4. Keep colors simple

Limit colors
Use a color wheel
Keep within the theme
The West reads from left to right
From Top to Bottom
Place objects for maximum readibility
Borders help keep the eye on the page
Images should be appropriate for content and age
6. Other design tips
Title: Animals in the Wild
Use high quality images
Heading, content and image should be in proportion to each other
Tigers Endangered
Fewer than
3,200 wild
tigers exist
in the world

Tigers Endangered
Less than 3200 left
No watermarks
6x6 six words
6x6 six words
6x6 six words
6x6 six words
6x6 six words
6x6 six words
6x6 six words
6x6 six words
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