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Give a boy a gun

No description

Kaitlyn Brock

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Give a boy a gun


The theme for give a boy a gun was prediction. Thru out the book there were many examples of foreshadowing. the examples given in the book are very obvious. For example when the boys started to repel and becoming dark. That was a major event and sign in the novel. there were also minor events that stood out. For example when Brendan tells Emily not to go to the school dance. All these signs were very obvious.
Important Terms

The doctor described it as an earthquake in his head.(Pg. 8)

Returning to Middletown, was like stepping into a thick fog of bewilderment, fury, agony, and despair.(Pg. 9)

"It was like they stuck a knife in my heart." (Pg. 34)

Brendan and Gary got picked on because they weren't on the football team.(Pg. 37)

-‘’ Gary and I got into my mom’s car one day we imagined driving in the desert’’.(Pg. 53)

- By the time you read this, I’ll be gone (Pg. 7)
Chapter One
How many of the people that made Gary/ Brendan's life miserable in high school knew him in elementary school?
Was a absence of a father figure one of the causes that drove Gary to such hard actions?
Was the thorn in Gary's side there because of the absence of a father or from the harshness of his parents' divorce?
Do you like how the book is made up entirely of quotes?
Does Gary seen like a violent kid at all?
Give a boy a gun
by: Todd Strasser

Nathalie Flores, Kaitlyn Brock,Tucker Bruen, & Lonnie Redmond
Verbal Irony
- We are going to shoot everyone that bullied us (Pg.100)

Situational Irony
- Shot only Sam Flach in the knee caps (Pg. 142)

- Horrified, Brendan pressed the barrel of the gun right against the back of my head I thought I was dead meat. (Pg. 130)

- Brendan and Gary states that they were going to shoot all the kids in the gym with only just the two of them to make them all suffer. (Pg. 111)

- Don’t bully people treat others the way you want to be treated (All through out the book)

- Serious ‘’they were not planning to just kill those kids they wanted them to suffer just like they suffered." (Pg. 79)

Chapter Two
Do you think burning insects was normal child behavior, or was this a foreshadowing for what would eventually come?
If one of the boys was not included, the shooting would have happened? What would have changed?
Is Brendan's persistence for justice as a kid one of the factors to his shooting?
Have you ever moved? If so, did u have a similar reactions that Brendan did?
Do you think the presence of video games corrupted Brendan's mind?
Chapter Three
Did it surprise you how kind Brendan was as a kid?
Was it normal for Brendan to be shy two weeks after he had moved?
Do you agree that new students often become friends?
If any of Brendan's teachers helped him as a kid, do u think that would have stopped him from committing the shooting?
How much of an impact do you think the teachers had on Brendan's personality?
Chapter Four
Was one of the reasons that Brendan was bullied because he was new?
Was Gary and Allison's romance legit or were they just lonely?
Do you think violent TV shows played a part in the shooting?
If Allison wasn't a part in Gary's life would he of been more committed to the shooting?
If Gary had revealed his intentions to Allison, what do you think she would do?
Chapter Five
If Allison had not left for two weeks do you think the shooting wouldn't of occurred?
If one of the boys was not included, the shooting would have happened? What would have changed?
Do you think Gary really wanted to do this, or do you think Brandon pressured him?
Can you describe Brendan's personality?
Can you describe Gary's personality?
Chapter Six
Was Brendan's belief that there was no God a contributing factor to the shooting?
How was the football players side of the story different from the friends of Gary and Brendan?
Do you believe that you can display feelings or thoughts over messages that you could not say in person?
Do you think that the way the book was written gives the advantage to say things that couldn't be shown in normal text?
Why do you believe the athletes were treated differently? Out of fear, respect, kindness, ect.
Chapter Seven
Was Brendan able to say things that he normally couldn't thought emails?
Was guns the problem in the shooting?
If they didn't have access to guns do you think they would of still harmed the students?
If Gary's mom knew he might of been suicidal why didn't she try to help him?
Do you think that Brendan's problem was visible to those around him?
Chapter Eight
Does it scare you that the knowledge to make a bomb is available to everyone?
Would Gary and Brendan have used the bombs if the guns weren't available?
Would Gary not have been Brendan's friend if he knew that Brendan made a move towards his girlfriend?
Could Gary and Brendan have been successful in life if not for the shooting?
Was Gary morphed by Brendan's influence?
Chapter Nine
Do you believe they actually intended to go through with killing their peers when they planned to take the dance hostage?
If one of the boys was not included, the shooting would have happened? What would have changed?
Chapter Ten
If Alison was never at the dance, they would have killed everybody?
Did the suicide notes explain why they did this?
Did Ryan and Allison realize what Brendan and Gary was doing was wrong?
Do you think things would of been differnet if Ryan and Allison knew what was going to happen?
Why didn't Ryan or Allison tell anyone about what Gary and Brendan were saying? Did they try and stop it?
Chapter Eleven
Would you have had the courage to go after Brendan, like Dustin did?
Was it right for the boys to beat Brendan after Dustin tackled him?
Would you have attacked Brendan, told those who were to stop, or done nothing?
If you were on the jury for the case of the school shooting, would you think that Bren Did Sam deserved what happened to him?
Would you think that Brendan should be taken off life support? Why?

Chapter Twelve
Emily states in one of her quotes that there should be a "mandatory course in school that teaches kids to respect one another no matter what." Should Masco/all schools have this?
The first shot, did anyone know who was shooting?
Why did Gary kill himself?
Did anyone outside of the school hear the gun shots?
Did this incident save lives now that the problem was identified?
Do you think that this book helped people?
Character Description
Ryan Clancy
-Friend of both Brendan and Gary

Allison Findley
-Gary's on & off girlfriend throughout 8th grade
-Tried to stop Brendan & Gary at the dance
- Saved Sam's life
Jack Phillips
-Brendans neighbor
-The boy Brendan took the gun from

Chelsea Baker
-New student
-An outcast
Chapter Description
Chp 1 (Pg. 11 - 17)
Gary parents get an ugly divorce
Gary was avery smart and bright kid

Chp 2. (Pg. 18-24)
Brendan started disobeying and becoming difficult
Chp 3 (Pg. 25-57)
Allison came back from a trip and noticed something dark in Brendan
Brendan and Gary started to get picked on
The school counselor started talking to Brendan but he just brushed it off
Teachers would ignore the bullying that occured right in front of them
Gary began talking about suicide
Brendan began writing poems about death and killing
Chp. 4 (Pg. 58-68)
Police take Ryan Clancy computer but Ryan goes to court and wins some of it back
Chp. 5 (Pg. 69-86)
Brendan and Gary began having fantasizes on how they would kill the football players
Brendan began fascinated with Jack Philips gun
Brendan and Gary started re-acting the killing based on a movie
Brendan bought his first gun
Gary asked his mom for a gun but began thinking he might use it on himself
Chp. 6 (P.g 87- 135)
Brendan started becoming obsessive over bombs and how they worked
Brendan and Gary trigger a bomb in a house in the woods
Sam jumps Brendan at a party, almost killing him
Brendan was rejected by a military school
Brendan shoot Allan Curry in the right side of his chest
Brendan pressed the gun to Sam's head and began kicking him in the ribs
Chp. 7 (Pg. 136-152)
The first bomb went off
The boys were using Jack Phillips gun
They were determined to ends Sam's football career and decided to shoot him in the knee's

Chp. 8 (Pg. 153-185)
Brendan thinks Gary is trying to back out
Gary shot himself
Dustin Williams tackled Brendan
Brendan is in a coma due to serve beating to the head
The doctor says Brendan brain damage is irreversible and might disconnect his life support
Chapter Description continued..
Questions continued..
Sam Flanch & Paul Burns
-Both football players
-Greatly respected
-Bullied both Brendan & Gary
-Sam shot in knees by Brendan

Emily Kirsch
-New student
-Friend with Brendan
-Kind of a outcast
Gary Searle
-Victim of bullying
-Best friend of Brendan Lawlor
Bredan Lawlor
-Victim of bullying
-Planner of shooting
-Best friend of Gary Searle
Dustin Williams
-Football team member
-Neighbor of Brendan
-Talked to Brendan when he was drunk
-Tackled Brendan at the dance; saved everyone
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