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thesis defense

No description

Gerrus Pila

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of thesis defense

Vicki McClure Davidson (2011) said that one important feature of Morse code is coding efficiency. The length of each character in Morse is approximately inversely proportional to its frequency of occurrence in English. Thus, the most common letter in English has the shortest code, a single dot.
As stated by William G. Pierpont, Morse code can get a message though where other methods fail. Operators have long known that Morse code signals penetrate distance, and go through interference and static where voice signals can’t hack it. This is why low power (QRP) enthusiasts find that it is far superior to voice. Besides this, the equipment required, both transmitting and receiving is much simpler and smaller, uses less power, and in an emergency can often be built up from simple, available parts.
1. Communication Interruptions.
2. Long Distance Communication.
3. Physically Disabled People.
ECE - 2C

Theoretical Framework
Research Methodology
Research Design
Respondents of the Study
Data Gathering Procedure
This study on “how to innovate Morse code to maximize its capabilities” is a qualitative research that attempts to accumulate previous data and information to be used in the further use of Morse code as a communication system. This study aims to apply Morse code in present communication system, for it has some capabilities that communication system today forgot to imply. The researchers used the qualitative approach in order for the observations to be verified.
Survey forms given to 15 Bulacan State University Students from:
1. Electrical Engineering
2. Computer Engineering
3. Electronics & Communication Engineering
The researchers in this study has observed from previous studies and article regarding the usage of Morse code as a communication system can be a good add-on on today’s communication system. Researchers also gave questionnaires that the respondents answered to obtain specific data and information.
Definition of
After this research Morse code as an enhanced and empowered way of communication, it may have more capabilities and its old capabilities are enhanced and it may have less limitation in terms of clear and faster communication.
Relevant Theories
Related Studies
Statement of the
1. What is Morse code
2. What Morse can do?
3. How does it differ from today's communication?
Scope and
This study focuses on the capabilities of the Morse code and how to innovate it to be more useful in our today’s living. The researchers in this study cover the use of Morse code from the day it was developed by Samuel Morse (1837) until today. This study was delimited on studying on how to innovate the Morse code for it to be more useful and a further differentiation of Morse code to modern communication system.
Significance of the Study
How to innovate Morse code
to maximize its capabilities?

An interview from Engr. Sergio Buhain
and Engr. Anthony Banal
1. Continuous Waveform (CW) - is an electromagnetic wave of constant amplitude and frequency.
2. Digital Sum Variation (DSV) – it is the maximum variation in disparity over prefixes of the sequence.
5. Static – white noise or a random signal with a flat power spectral density.
6. Voice signals – are analog signals, whereas computer signals are digital.
Old Morse code Communication System
PROCESSStudying its historical background.Understanding its capabilities and limitations.Applying formulated possible solutions.Verification and general application.
OUTPUTInnovated Morse code Communication System which is cheaper, easier, better, more reliable and more convenient for general use in different industries today.
3. QRP – it means to operate using low power signals.
4. Run Length - is a very simple form of data compression in which runs of data are stored as a single data value and count, rather than as the original run.
Related Literature
Anthony Lovell (2003) project's goal is to endow existing mobile devices and create new custom-designed devices with a Morse code text entry/output interface and allow them to tie into existing message-based communication networks such as SMS and IM as well as a new character-based chat medium in which each letter is transmitted as it is encoded.
Brian McConnell (2005) stated that Morse code could be one way to solve this problem. With Morse code, one could tap text messages out without looking at the telephone, and without having to fumble with ever smaller keypads. This idea of resurrecting Morse code seems improbable, but then it’s worth remembering that only a few years ago, the idea of people typing with their thumbs also seemed absurd. Incorporating a Morse code key into the back of a telephone handset has other uses besides tapping text messages. One of the things this enables you to do is to make it easier to control a telephone in hands-free mode.
Thomas Schellekens (2007) investigated the effect of run length and digital sum variation constraints on the efficiency of a code. They made an approximation using an automated program of the effect of digital sum variation constraints on the efficiency.
Consoli (2010) states that wireless telegraphy is the discipline of sending and receiving signals in Morse code and, although it started “only” as a technical tool, it soon proved to be an art. Definitely a special kind of art: like a butterfly, it had a shiny but short life rising and falling throughout the 20th century.
In Creative Applications, Morse code has also been employed as an assistive technology, helping people with variety of disabilities to communicate. Morse can be sent by persons with severe motion disabilities, as long as they have some minimal motor control. In some cases this means alternately blowing into and sucking on a plastic tube (“puff and sip” interface). People with severe motion disabilities in addition to sensory disabilities (e.g. people who are also deaf or blind) can receive Morse through a skin buzzer.
The ARRL Letter (2005) reported the Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” pitted two young text messengers against two older gentlemen who have mastered Morse code. Old technology vs. new technology - which mode of communication is faster? It was a lucky day for veteran CW contest ops Chip Margelli, and Ken Miller. During a May 13 appearance on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the pair was able to pass a message using good old fashioned Morse code more rapidly than a pair of teenaged text messengers equipped with modern cell phones. The text messaging team consisted of world text-messaging champ Ben Cook of Utah and his friend Jason. Miller said afterward in a reflector posting that the CW team won fairly handily. Margelli commented to ARRL: "I completely agree with my fantastic teammate, Ken Miller. It was a lot of fun, just like ham radio, and the show also delivered an important, if subtle, message about the benefits of the 'basic' communication infrastructure that Amateur Radio provides."
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