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The Gun-Presentation (Prezi)

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Darwin Filey

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of The Gun-Presentation (Prezi)

Background photo by t.shigesa
The Gun By: Paul Langan
The book "The Gun" is a sequel to the book "Bully" in the Bluford series. The book "Bully" is about a boy named Darrell Mercer that moves to Philadelphia from Los Angeles because of his moms job. Darrell meets a bully named Tyrone. Throughout the book Tyrone abuses Darrell physically, emotionally, and mentally. Near the end of the book Darrell beats Tyrone in a fight which means Tyrone is now neglected in school 24/7. "The Gun" is about Tyrone's struggles through the school year after he was defeated in has battle and now he wants to get revenge on Darrell. Tyray is in a ditch mentally and emotionally. His friends won't talk to him in school and everybody contiues to laugh at him in school. Tyray has many bumps and bruises on his body from the beating he took. Eventually, Tyray's bruises are all healed up, but he is still emotionally in a ditch. The fighting scene in the book is so intence.. Since, both Darrell and Tyray are both huge kids, they are very strong. Ech punch they threw left eachother wounded and oozing blood. Darrell ended the fight by picking up Tyray, slamming him on his back, and breaking one of his ribs. Tyray wanted to get revenge on Darrell by buying a gun to solve this problem.
Why should "The Gun" be made into a movie?
The book "The gun" could be made into a movie because of several reasons. This book contains a lot of drama, a little romance, a life lesson, and will always keep the audience wanting more.
Tyray is the main character of the story. He is arguably both the protagonist and antagonist in the story. He is the protagonist because he is on a quest. He could be the antagonist because he is a bully that keeps people from being happy.
Warren is Tyray's older brother that is currently in jail. Like Tyray, Warren also had many problems in school such as, getting suspended, detentions, getting in fights and sometimes skipping.

Mrs. Hobbs
Mrs. Hobbs is Tyray's mother. Mrs. Hobbs is a very kind, caring, and sensitive person. She treats Tyray with much more respect than Mr. Hobbs does.
Mr. Hobbs
Mr. Hobbs is Tyray's father and treats Tyray with no respect. One of the reasons that Tyray is a bully in school is because his father treats him so poorly at home.
Darrell Mercer
Darrell Mercer is Tyray's enemy throughout the movie because Darrell is the kid that Tyray was bullying, but at the end was defeated in a fight.
Mr. Mitchell
Mr. Mitchell is the math teacher at Bluford High. he is very involved with the problem between Darrell and Tyray and really wants to help.
Lark is Tyray's only friend throught the whole book. Lark is kind of Tyray's grilfriend, but Tyray doesn't want to call her that. Tyray uses Lark throughout out the book to make himself feel better and to fix his problems, but it doesn't work.
Tyray Hobbs-Tyler James Williams
Mr. Hobbs- Terry Crews
Mrs. Hobbs- Gabrille Union
Warren- Terrence J Howard
Darrell Mercer-Jayden Smith
Lark- Willow Smith
Mr. Mitchell- Morgan Freeman
Bones is Warren's childhood friend and they used to always get in trouble together. Bones is pratically a legend in the city. He is known for selling people illegal things such as drugs and weapons.
Bones- Chris Rock
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