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U.S. History timeline

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:)Rebecca:) :)Sanders:)

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of U.S. History timeline

Join or Die WWWW Who? Benjamin Franklin What? Join or Die was a
political cartoon of
a broken snake.
The 13 pieces stood
as the 13 colonies. When? The drawing was published
on May 9, 1754 Why? Benjamin Franklin drew
Join or Die because he
thought the 13 colonies
needed to unite in order
to stand up against Britain How does this affect us today? Today we are the United States
of America Jeffersonian Republican WWWWW Who? Thomas Jefferson What? Political party that Thomas
Jefferson created while
running for President against
James Madison When? The Jeffersonian Republicans
were formed when Jefferson
was running for President Where? Thomas Jefferson was
originally from Virginia Why? Thomas Jefferson
started the Jeffersonian
Republicanism to win the
election How does this affect us today? Today 45% of Americans are Republicans Middle Passage WWWWW Who? African slaves What? A triangular trade where
millions of Africans were
shipped to the Americas When? The trade started in about
the 1400's Where? The were shipped between
Africa, Europe, South America,
and finally North America Why? They were shipped all
over so they could work
as slaves for white people How does this affect us today? Today slavery has been abolished, after years
of civil right movements Articles of Confederation WWWWW Who? The 13 colonies What? An agreement that the
13 colonies made, establishing
the United Stated of America. When? The confederation
was completed in 1781 Where? It was signed in each
of the 13 states Why? The Articles of Confederation
was made to join the 13 colonies
as one. How does this affect us today? America has expanded, but
we are still united. Declaration of Independence WWWWW Who? The Declaration of
Independence involved
the 13 colonies and
Great Britain What? The Declaration was
made by the Continental
Congress announcing them
as Independent States
While at war with Great
Britain Congress approved the
Declaration on July 4th,
now celebrated as
Independence day! When? Where? The Declaration of
Independence was signed
in Pennsylvania Why? They made the Declaration
of Independence to separate
themselves from Great Britain How does this affect us today? Today we are not a part of
Great Britian at all United Stated Constitution WWWWW Who? Members of the United
States including; Thomas Jefferson,
John Adams, Thomas Paine,
Edmund Randolph,
James Madison, and many
more got together
and wrote the United
States Constitution What? It is the Supreme Law of the USA
that is separated into many different
articles including the separation
of power When? It was started on
September 17, 1787 Where The United Stated Constitution
was written in Philadelphia Why? It was written because the
organization of the new states
was failing How does this affect us today? We still use this constitution today Battle of Bunker Hill WWWWW Who? The battle was between Britain
and the USA What? Part of the American Revolutionary
War, the British troops and the
American troops battled on the
Charlestown Peninsula When? June 17, 1775 Where? Despite its name,
the Battle of
Bunker Hill
was actually
fought on
and around
Breed's Hill Why? The British actually planned
on attacking the American
troops, but the Americans found
out and prepared for battle the
next day How does this affect us today? Puritans WWWWW Who? A group of people who
no longer agreed with the
Chruch of England, and formed
their own group What? The Puritans wanted to increase
the knowledge of common people When? The Puritans didn't exist till
about the 1560's Where? The Puritans were at part
of England, and then moved
to the Americas Why? They became Puritans because
they didn't agree with the England
Church How does this affect us today? Believe it or not, but there are
still some Puritans around today Jamestown WWWWW Who? Jamestown was established
by the Virginia Company of
London What? Jamestown was the first
permanent English settlement. When? Jamestown was established
on May 14, 1607 Where? Jamestown was built
in Virginia Why? They built Jamestown
to get away from the
taxes England was
giving them How does this affect us today? Today Jamestown is a popular
tourist spot Anasazi WWWWW Who? The Anasazi were
ancient Pueblo People What? The Anasazi people built
their homes on cliffs, Pueblos,
and pit houses When? The Anasazi's lived
from 100 B.C. to
1300 A.D Where? The Anasazi lives in
the southwest United
States Why? No one knows why
the Anasazi did what the
did How does this affect us today? Today there may be some Anasazi
descendents Renaissance WWWWW Who? The Renaissance started
with Italians, and then
spread to Europe What? The word Renaissance
means "to be reborn" When? The Renaissance was from
about the 14th to the 17th
century Why? The Renaissance was started
because of the Dark Ages How does this affect us today? The Renaissance was the start of things
like "Romeo and Juliet" Which are
still very popular today William Penn WWWWW Who? William Penn was a Real
Estate entrepreneur, philosopher,
and a Quaker What? He developed Philadelphia When? William Penn was
born October 14, 1644,
and died July 30, 1718 Where? William Penn founded
the city Philadelphia in
Pennsylvania Why? Because King Charles 11
owed his father a debt,
he gave Penn a piece of
land in America How does this affect us today? Philadelphia is a big and
popular city in Pennsylvania Sugar Act/Stamp Act/Intolerable Acts WWWWW Who? The British were the ones
to impose these acts on the
Americans What? The Sugar act, Stamp
act, and all the Intolerable
acts were all Taxes placed
on the Americans by the
British When? The Sugar act was in 1764,
and the Stamp act was in 1765 Where? The acts were in
America Why? The acts were designed
to make the Americans
start to follow the British
rule again How does this affect us today? There are taxes on manufactured goods in certain stated
of the USA Encomienda WWWWW Who? Encomienda was a system
created by the Spanish What? Encomienda gave a person
a certain amount of Native Americans
that they were in charge to take care of,
and in return they were to teach them
their Christianity When? 1503 was when they
started to own Native
Americans Where? The system was in Spain Why? The Spanish thought the
Native Americans didn't have
the same value as other people,
therefore they because workers How does this affect us today? Today slavery has been abolished
completely abolished in America Treaty of Tordesillas WWWWW Who? The treaty was between
the Spanish, and
Portugal What? The treaty was meant
to resolve all of the chaos
and confusion in the New
World that Christopher
Columbus created when
he returned When? The treaty was in 1494 Where? The treaty was signed
in Spain Why? The treaty divided land
for Spain and Portugal Columbian Exchange WWWWW Who? Europe, Africa, Asia,
and the Americas What? The Columbian
Exchange was
a exchange of
plant, animals, and
diseased between
the Old World and
New world When? The exchange started with
Columbus in 1492 Where? The exchange happened
over the Atlantic ocean Why? The plants, animals,
and other things came with
people who traveled to the New
world How does this affect us today? All of the things traded in the exchange
are still in America Treaty of Paris WWWWW Who? The treaty was between
Great Britain and the
United States What? The Treaty of Paris
ended the American
Revolutionary War When? The treaty was signed in 1783 Where? The treaty was signed
in Hotel d'York Why? The treaty was signed to
end the American
Revolutionary war How does this affect us today? Today we are no longer in war
or even on bad terms with Britain Louisiana Purchase WWWWW Who? The purchase was between
France and the United States What? The USA bought Louisiana
from France When? The Louisiana Purchase
was in 1803 Where? The treaty was signed
in Paris Why? France sold Louisiana
because they needed
the money How does this affect us today? Louisiana is now a part of the US 13 colonies WWWWW Who? The 13 colonies were;
Virginia, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, Maryland,
Connecticut, Rhode Island,
Delaware, North Carolina,
South Carolina, New Jersey,
New York, Pennsylvania,
and Georgia What? They were the colonies
in North America on
the Atlantic coast When? They were founded
between 1607 and 1733 Why? The states were founded
for different reasons, but
one of the reasons was to
get away from England Where They are on the west coast
of America How does this affect us today? We started the USA because of them Queen Isabella WWWWW Who? Queen of Castile and León What? She reconquered Spain When? She became queen at
age 17 Where? She lived in Spain Why? Her father died when she
was 3, and her brother became
King Henry IV, and when he
died she was crowned Queen WWWWW Abraham Lincoln Who? Lincoln was the 16th
president What? He lead the country through
the Civil War When? He was president from
March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865 Where? Abraham Lincoln was
assassinated in Ford's Theater Why? He was a Great president
because he lead the country through
such a hard time How does this affect us today? Today Lincoln is on the 5 dollar and the penny! Acquisition of TX, CA, & OR territory WWWWW Who? Texas, California,
and Oregon What? In 1845 Texas became
the 28th state, in 1846,
California became the
31st state, and in 1846,
Oregon became the 33rd
state When? Texas in 1845, and
both California and Oregon
in 1856 Where? They became a part of
the USA Why? So the US could grow more How does this affect us today? Today we live in Oregon Bleeding Kansas WWWWW Who? A war between anti-slavery
and pro-slavery What? A war in Kansas about
whether Kansas should be a
slave free state When? The war was between
1854 and 1861 Where? On the border of
Kansas Why? To decide between
slavery or not How does this affect us today? Today Kansas(and everywhere else) is Anti-slavery Compromise of 1850 WWWWW Who? The compromise involved the south What? Five laws were passed to
deal with slavery Dred Scott WWWWW Who? Dred Scott was a
slave in the USA What? Dred Scott sued for his freedom,
although unsuccessful, his case
became very popular. When? The case was in 1857 Where? The case was held in
the Washington D.C
Supreme Court Why? He didn't want his wife,
daughters, and himself
to be a slave anymore Frederick Douglas WWWWW Who? Frederick Douglass was a
writer, and a social worker
who escaped from slavery What? Became a leader of
the abolitionist movement,
and wrote autobiography's When? He was born in 1818,
died in 1895 Where? He lived in the upper
parts of the United States Why? He wrote his autobiography
because he wanted people to
know the things he went through
during slavery Indian Removal Act/ Trail of Tears WWWWW Who? The Indian tribes
included Cherokee,
Chickasaw, Choctaw,
Muscogee-Creek, and Seminole What? A law signed by President
Jackson that allowed them
to go to the Mississippi River
in exchange for their
homelands James Madison WWWWW Who? The 4th President of
the United States What? He Was the father of the Constitution When? He was President from
March 4, 1809 to March
4, 1817 Where? He lived in King County
Virginia Why? James Madison was considered the
Father of the Constitution because
he wrote the Bill of Rights, and 29
of the 85 federalists papers James Monroe WWWWW Who? 5th president of
the United States What? Last Founding Father
of the United States When? He was President
from 1817 to 1825 Where? He lived in Virginia Why? He was famous because of
the Monroe Doctrine Manifest Destiny WWWWW Who? United States What? The idea that the United
Stated was to expand
over time When? The 19th and 20th
century Where? The United States Why? Market Revolution WWWWW Who? United States What? A drastic change in the manual
labor system When 1793–1909 Where? United States Why? because of the increasing
industrialization Missouri Compromise WWWWW Who? People for slavery, and
people against slavery When? 1820 Where? United States What? Prohibited slavery in the
Louisiana territory Why? To address the conflict over slavery Monroe Doctrine WWWWW Who? James Monroe What? It the Europeans tried
to interfere with US
land, it would be
an act of aggression When? December 2, 1823 Where? North and South America Why? To prevent European
from interfering Nationalism vs. Sectionalism WWWWW Who? United States of America What Nationalism is a social movement
that focuses on the good, while
Sectionalism puts the wants and needs
of an area first When? 1800's Where? USA Why? Popular Sovereignty WWWWW Who?

USA What? A state is created
by the will of its
people When? 1850's Where? America Why? Stephen Douglas WWWWW Who? Politician What? Ran against Abraham
Lincoln for President When? 1860 Where? USA Trails West WWWWW Who?
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