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poo lords project

its about poo

poo lord

on 20 August 2010

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Transcript of poo lords project

TOOLS FOR SCHOOL jgggzdjfj Super 6 Paragraph

Statement- state your topic, what is the paragraph about? EX. middle school is supposed to be fun

Example- give an example, put it in context EX. in middle school you make new freinds by playing team building

Proof- evidence from text

In your own words- put proof into your own words, rephrasing/rewriting proof in a way that makes sense

Why its important- why your topic matters what is importan about it

Transition- moving from on paragraph to the next VOWPICS!!!!!!@!!!

Voice- sharing your feeling with your audience

Organization- the way your writingcomes togher

Word choice- say what you mean with rich and precise language

Presentation- how it looks

Ideas- a topic, the message you are writing about

Conventions- GUM (grammer, Usage, and mechanics)

Sentence fluency- together??? READING STRATAGY
Picture Summary

a picture summary is when you read part of a book and then you draw a picture that explains all of what you just red. but is has to explain evrything without using words. CORNELL NOTE'S

cornell notes is a type of note taking when you put what happens in a story on the left and you put questions, predictions, and connections on the right i learned about glogster
glogster is an online poster site were i wold go if the class asked me to do a project we read the dead man in indan creek by mary downing hahn and it is on the book list
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