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Island of the Blue Dolphins

No description

Leilia Hall

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Island of the Blue Dolphins

Karana's six-year-old brother. Ramo is a playful young boy, and Karana feels a deep sense of responsibility for his safety and happiness. When he is accidentally left behind on the island, Karana stays with him.
Karana's father. He negotiates the tribe's disastrous hunting agreement with the Aleuts.
The gray dog with yellow eyes who leads the wild dog pack. Karana believes he comes from the Aleut ship. Although she initially considers him an enemy, she eventually adopts him as a pet.
Captain Orlov
The Russian commander of the otter hunting party. He attempts to swindle Chief Chowig and the natives of Ghalas-at by not paying them to hunt their otter. This disagreement leads to a battle in which most of the natives are killed
Thank you!
Cause and Effect
Island of the Blue Dolphins
The book "Island of the Blue Dolphins" is a great book as I am going to show here.
Main Characters
Karana, Rontu
Chief Chowig
Main Idea
Critical Events

After Ramo is killed and Karana is left alone on Ghalas-at, she has many enemies and no friends. She is harassed constantly by the wild dogs of her island, and lives with the unsure fear in the back of her mind that one day the Aleuts that killed her people and will return to the island. Eventually, Karana is forced into confrontation both with the wild dogs and with the Aleuts. In each case she has the opportunity to take her revenge, but doesn't. The case of Tutok is the most important of these because it shows the development of Karana's trust in more detail and to a deeper extent (in the case of Rontu, the only thing Karana and Rontu to show trust was stoping from killing each other). In the case of Tutok, Karana is mistrustful because Tutok is an Aleut. She has seen first hand what happens when one deals with these people, and has likely inherited some of the dislike and mistrust her father had for them. Even when Tutok makes friendly gestures, Karana is no friendly and assumes that Tutok will betray her to the Aleut hunters. It takes a long time for Karana to see that Tutok has no ill intent, but it is some time before Karana makes a gesture of trust on her own. When Karana reveals her secret name to Tutok, it is her ultimate sign of trust, for she as discribed her father's death to his decision to reveal his secret name to someone not worthy of trust. What Karana receives from her trust is a rewarding relationship that she will remember forever.
I think the main idea of Island of the Blue Dolphins is that surviving on your own is hard because Karana had to survive 18 years on an uninhabited island no other people and that as hard she had to hunt the "devil fish" or a squid, try to tame Rontu who became the leader of the wild dogs and hide from the Aleuts, so that is why I think the main idea is surviving on your own is hard.
1. The Aleuts come to the island
2.Kimki disappears for several moons
3.He comes back to take his people to Santa Barbra
4.Karana realizes that Ramo is on the island so she jumps off the ship to go and stay with her brother
5.Ramo dies
6. The Aleuts come back
7.Karana finds a "devil fish" or a squid
8.Father Gonzales comes to take Karana to Santa Barbra
Cause: Karana jumped off the ship. Effect: She was stranded on the island.

Cause: Ramo was eaten by wild dogs. Effect: Karana was all alone.

Cause: She tamed Rontu. Effect: Karana had a pet to keep her company.

Cause: Rontu died of age. Effect: Karana was really sad.

Cause: Karana was found by the Santa Barbara Mission.
Effect: She was saved.
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