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What Exercise Does to Your Heart

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Sayyidatina Nazhifah

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of What Exercise Does to Your Heart

Thank You!
Get Moving!
Feel your vein and get a sense of your heart rate.
Jump around! Do push ups! Jumping jacks! Run in place!
Now measure your heart rate again.
What Happens When We Exercise Regularly?
Our heart becomes more efficient at supplying oxygenated blood:
We can exercise longer and harder.
We have a lower resting heart rate.
New blood vessels form ---> Blood pressure decreases.
What Type of Exercise?
Aerobic exercise - Physical exercise of high or low intensity that depends on producing energy over a long period of time.
Opposite: Anaerobic exercise - Intense enough to trigger lactate formation; requires repeated short bursts of energy; builds muscle mass.
Aerobic exercises: running, walking, cycling, etc.
Anaerobic exercises: Sprinting, etc.
So... What Just Happened?
By: Edith, Hannah, Charlie, and Albert
What Exercise Does to Your Heart
Exercise makes our heart rate increase:
Cells use up energy more quickly.
Rate of cellular respiration increases.
Oxygen ---> Final electron transporter.
We breathe more heavily to inhale more oxygen at a time.
Heart pumps faster to transport oxygenated blood to cells.
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