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Copy of Theory & Methods

No description

Simon Westcott

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Theory & Methods

Sociology Theory & Methods - The Big Picture Structural Theories Social Action Theories Consensus Conflict Functionalism New Right Marxism Neo-Marxism Feminism Liberal Radical Marxist Difference Weber Structuration Symbolic Interactionism Labelling Phenomenology Ethnomethodology Can & should Sociology be a Science? Can & should Sociology be Value Free & Objective? Can & should Sociology influence Social Policy? The Big Debates.. Positivism Interpretivism Quantitative Data Reliability Objectivity & Social facts Qualitative Data Validity Subjectivity & Verstehen Questionnaires Official Stats Lab Experiments Structured Interviews Observation Documents Unstructured Interviews Field Experiments Triangulation Late Modernity POSTMODERNISM: MACRO MICRO Top Down Bottom Up Theory Methods Theory Methods YES! NO! Grounded Theory Consensus Conflict NO! YES! All these theories are - they claim a
monopoly on the truth - However there can be no one objective truth - just a diverse range of competing thruths Meta-narratives What is Science? Look at the bigger picture Small scale analysis The Enlightenment The birth of Sociology Modernity Science, rational thinking, industrialisation and big ideas 1700 1800 1900 1950 Testing Hypotheses
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