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Brittany - FRANCE

Branding - A brand called YOU

Lauriane Bourbao

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Brittany - FRANCE

History and Chronology Core Brand Values of Brittany Brand Associations Positioning Map Brand elements Lauriane Bourbao Branding: A Brand called YOU Brittany - FRANCE
Authentic celtic culture
(Brand Mantra) 200 BC: Breton peninsula was part of the major area of Celtic influence
After 49 BC: it became part of the Roman province of Gallia
460 AC: Bretons from the British isles ran away from the Anglo-saxons's invasion and they emigrated towards Brittany. 825: Nominoë was made king of Brittany
841-851: Establishment of the Breton mornarchy
844-940: centre of Viking activity
939: Division of Brittany
1212-1341: Brittany flourished under the Dukes's reigns
1341-1365: War of succession between Jean de Montfort - allied with England - and Jeanne de Penthièvre - allied with France
1365-1442: Duke Jean V, granson of Jean of Monfort ,reigned on Brittany - Period of economic flourishment - Considered as the "golden century" of Brittany
1488-1514: Duchess Anne of Brittany reigned 1532: Union between Brittany and France
1561: Rennes became the headquarter of the Breton Parliament in place of Nantes
1805-1900: Economical stagnation of Brittany
1950-1960: Economic rebirth of Brittany (farming, fishing, research)
1981-2000: Growth of tourism SALIENCE: I want to enjoy holidays with my children in France. I want to discover a part of France which possess a strong culture and that didn't except PERFORMANCE

Brittany is a land rich in contrasts, made up of the four departments of Finistère, Côtes-d’Armor, Ille-Et-Villaine and Morbihan. It is steeped in history and tradition and is proud of its strong maritime culture IMAGERY

A favoured holiday destination
600 km of fine, sandy coastline curves around the north western tip of France, enclosing 27,500 sq. km of fertile countryside and quaint market towns JUDGMENT

Brittany is a land of spirit and character where history, art, culture and nature live side by side with all today's modern services FEELINGS

Enjoying beautiful landscapes
Doing a wide variety of sports including sailing, windsurfing, fishing, golf, hiking, mountain biking and horse riding
Tasting excellent and typical food
Walking to long sandy beach, modern shipping port to charming, historical town REASONANCE

Brittany is the best destination if you are looking for a beautiful and dynamic region so diverse and rich in contrasts Brand building pyramid The flag of Brittany called "Gwenn Ha Du" which means "White & Black" was created in 1923 by Morvan Marchal. The nine horizontal stripes represent the traditional dioceses of Brittany into which the duchy was divided historically. Mam Goudig is a famous character which was imaginated by Jean-Paul David ten years ago. Today the mascot is everywhere in Brittany: derivatives, comic, cartoon. This is a traditionnal breton's song which is very popular. The lyrics explain the story of three young marines. This song is performed by Alan Stivell. Brittany Roman Middle Ages Modern Target Tourists especially families who are looking for peaceful and at the same time attractive vacations. Wish to discover a modern culture which find its roots in the celtic past. According to a survey conducted by the French Tourist Office, Brittany (Bretagne) is the 5th country which is chosen by tourists to visit during the holidays. The map above also shows that this area provides activities for affordable price. Celtic Music Sailing Surfing Cider Typical breton's Crêpes
costume bretonnes Conclusion Why did I decide to focus my "Brand called YOU" project on Brittany? I've been living in Brittany since I was born and as far as I remember my family and ancestors have always lived there. I believe that this part of France possesses a strong and rich Celtic culture. Sometimes I even considered myself much more like a Breton than like a French. This subject almost came into my mind automatically because I am convinced by the fact that my region perfectly defines me.
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