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Forensic Science Professionals Report: Botany

No description

Tu Hoang

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Forensic Science Professionals Report: Botany

By Raymond Robles
Cindy Oseguera
& Tu Hoang Forensic Science Professionals Report: Botany NEWSPAPERS! GET YOUR NEWS HERE! HEADLINES: Case of Bruno Hauptmann First time a botanist was considered
in the field of forensics 20 month old son of aviation hero, Charles Lindbergh, was kidnapped His son Suspected Bruno Hauptmann
But they could not directly tie him to the crime he's bad Good guys From the ladder found, botanist Arthur Koehler examined its components Big and.... ... small Look at this piece of wood He could tie the ladder to Hauptmann. job description... Botanist Science Techniques This job does sound interesting but I wouldn't want
this job. I like writing more. I like the shows like Criminal minds. I still respect forensic botanists and I admire their skills that they play in cases and help solve them. Our thoughts I was interested in botany because I like plants.
Although I like the topic, I wouldn't want it to be my job. I strive to be a musician rather than hanging out with cool plants. Raymond's thoughts... Tu's Thoughts Cindy's thoughts... I became interested in botany every since my grandpa and I planted flowers together in our garden. As fun as botany sounds... I would rather pursue another career such as being a dermatologist. I will definitely keep gardening as a hobby, though. Many ways to identify a plant Spark Put plant/plant substance under microscope Botanist looks at cells for unique structure and characteristics. (Eg, big, long, squished) From any distinct patterns in the structure, botanist takes that into consideration Compares this to the database to see if anything matches from the plant's description Plant is identified If it is still unknown, the plant must relate to others in some way by sharing the same family, class, order, etc... Case of January 1935... Works Cited

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Graham, Shirley. "Interesting Jobs - Crime Scene Botanicals - Forensic Botany."Botanical Society of America. Plant Talking Point, 24 Aug 2012. Web. 31 Aug 2012.

Kenexa, . "Botanist."Salary.com. N.p., 26 Aug 2012. Web. 5 Sep 2012. <http://swz.salary.com/SalaryWizard/Botanist-Salary-Details.asp&xgt;. Forensic Botanist High School Level College Job Description Take science classes (Eg. Chemistry, Biology, Physics... Show an interest (Eg. Join Science Fairs, greenhouse clubs, volunteer at a farm Attend summer camp opportunities Take classes such as the basic science classes, along with Humanities The Arts Language Have a chance to shadow a botanist Apply for internships Some colleges offer specialized botany courses They make around $61,024/year Their job is to identify plants and plant substances They also study different plant species to help them expand their knowledge Forensic botanists are able to identify 300,000 species of plants with their databases. Forensic botanists analyze plants and its fragments. See if it related to seasons, geographic location, etc... Fragments, such as seed and pollen and easily stick anywhere on hair, skin or clothing. Koehler saw the components in the custom, homemade ladder matched Hauptmann's attic board, which was partially cut off At first, defense attorneys were reluctant if a botanist in this case would be considered an expert Bruno arrested and executed Sadly, the boy was found; dead... First time a botanist was considered as an expert Botany now becomes more popular in the forensics field. CAUTION: PICTURE KIND OF GRAPHIC
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