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Silent Hill

No description

Rachel Marshall

on 18 November 2010

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Transcript of Silent Hill

Genre: Horror The first face we see is a little girl. Little girls are often familiarised with horror films The Soundtrack Playing over the trailer
is in a minor key and it is played by a
Piano which is typical horror iconography. The colour saturation is very dull. This is seen with the horror genre because as humans we fear the 'unknown' and the dark is always seen as unknown to us. Therefore low saturation is darker which makes everything a bit more mysterious. There are a lot of blackout shots,
this creates a sence of mystery
throughout the trailer Silent Hill Textual Analysis Audience This Trailer meets the audiences
expectations by creating a mysterious
edge, which the viewers know will give
them anxiety.
Its iconography is typical of the
horror stye genre therefore audience
members, specifically people who are
interested in horror will find this
The trailer begins with clear shots
of a typical equilibrium, e.g it is
bright, high saturation.But then during
the disequilibrium there are famliar
pleasures. Trailer Poster The trailer teases the audience by picking out parts
of the film, mostly from the disequilibrium because
the editor has chosen the parts that leave the viewer
on edge. Key Scenes Costume &
Make up The character in this poster
has the face of a child and
is dressed like a school child
but her mouth has been edited
out,this connotes she is 'silent'
which is a word in the name of
the film. Editing the editing on this poster is quite simple,
there is a cracked effect at throughtout it.
This helps promote the genre of the film
showing that it is a distorted type of film,
and the fact that her mouth is edited out helps promote the name of the film 'silent hill'. Shot composition The composition of the shot is a medium close up and the shot is focusing on her face, this is so we can see into her eyes, and her eyes have a sparkle in them, almost showing she is innocent, but when we see that the photograph is cracked it may connote some form of torture, luring the viewer into the film. Words and Title There are not much words on this poster except 'SILENT HILL' 'in theaters this spring' this creates more mystery, which will make the viewer want to know more. Mostly the key scenes in this sequance are the scenes that take place in the dark place that is named 'silent hill' the constant darkness and trapped framing of those scenes make you feel like its going to be a film with no escape. Another key scene is in the equilibrium because the mother and little girl are sat on the hill and the saturation and mise en scene is an extreme contrast to how it is throughout the film. Magazine Dominant Image This image is different to most because it is located slighly to the left and in the background there is more going on, the background is also csi animation so it represents the movie more. The colour of the dominant image has alot of brown type of colours in it which make the image seem almost dirty which tells you abit about the headline film. Text The largest piece of text is the title of the magazine and its layered infront of the dominant image which shows that the magazine is trying to advertise the film more than the main film still.
There is not much text on the image except the main title and one more smaller title at the bottom, which shows that the film that is the main film on this magazine is a success so it doesnt need much more advertisment to sell. The colours of the text are split into white and red, which are two contrasting colours, and especially the colour red connotes blood, love, death so it is an extremely strong colour so it would be useful to use in alot of magazine/magazine covers.
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