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Station Eleven, Arthur and Miranda: A Timeline

No description

Taylor Donders

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Station Eleven, Arthur and Miranda: A Timeline

At 17-years-old Arthur was accepted into the University of Toronto to study economics, using loans and savings to finally leave the island. School awas an escape method, economics was never his calling in life. (74)
At 19, Clark returned to England while Arthur began theatre school in New York, making ends meet by working as a waiter and living above a bakery with four roommates. (75)
4 months later Arthur dropped out of university to pursue an acting career, proceeding to go to one audition after another, his choices horrifying his parents. (74)
2 months prior to leaving school, Arthur obtained a small part in an American film, then one line on a Canadian television show. Acting class was his next step to gaining more parts] which is where he met his best friend, Clark. (74)
After graduation, Arthur continued to audition for shows and movies while working long hours in the restaurant. He gained a spot on Law and Order where he aquired an agent.(75)
A few commercials and two failed television pilots later, Arthur's career was still up in the air. The director of the second pilot encouraged Arthur to comr live with him in L.A., the land of opportunity. (75)
In L.A. Arthur lands a small part in a Hollywood film. During this period of time he parties hard and meets many girls, one who tells him he doesn't belong in Hollywood and will never be a lead actor. At 28-years-old the novelty of Hollywood had begun to wear off in Arthur. (75-76)
Just after Arthur's 29th birthday, he gets the lead on a low budget film about a botched bank robbery in Toronto. His mother calls about Miranda, a 17-year-old driven girl from the Island who recently moved to Toronto to attend art school. She strongly suggests he take her out for lunch to which he agrees, thinking she will understand him and where he grew up in a way no one from Hollywood could. (76)
In January, Arthur and Miranda meet in a restaurant where he is taken back by her subtle beauty. They speak of her boyfriend, Pablo, who is in art school which forces Arthur to contain his emotions, very aware of the age difference between himself and Miranda. (77)
Arthur goes on to star in numerous films, has an 18 month relocation for the Mamet play, and works on a reocurring role in a televised HBO series. He later returns to Toronto, his fame now prominent, unable to be in public without being photographed. (78)
Miranda, now 24-years-old, works as an administrative assistant at Neptune Logistics, a shipping company. She spends her days working on her graphic novel, Dr. Eleven. Pablo constantly objects to her corporate job, not understanding the stability and calmness it provides her with. (80-81)
Miranda recieves a call from Pablo, a carbon copy of recent harshly worded conversations. Pablo has become mean and accusing, belittling her job and what she has chosen to do with her life. (84-85)
In his suite at the Hotel Le Germain, Arthur finally calls a number he has been saving for years. (79)
Following her conversation with Pablo, Miranda recieves a call from Arthur who asks her lunch to which she confidently suggests dinner. (86)
At 8pm that night they meet at a restaurant, a feeling of warmth with soft lighting as their surroundings. They speak of Miranda's graphic novels, her inspiration being Calvin and Hobbes. By the end of the night, Miranda has made the decision to leave Pablo and spends the night with Arthur. (87-89)
At 6am, Miranda returns to her shared apartment with Pablo on Jarvis Street to pack up her belongings. (89)
The next day, Miranda returned to her apartment for the final pieces of her graphic novel and faces Pablo's drunken rage, only to leave with the accompaniment of a bruised face. (97-98)
That day, Miranda and Arthur are found in a restaurant in Toronto. They speak in hushed voices discussing Miranda leaving Pablo. The comparison between the two is obvious, Miranda dressed in thrift store finds unlike Arthur's smooth and expensive clothing. The two are later photographed leaving together that night. (71)
Three and a half years later, Miranda and Arthur have a home in the Hollywood Hills and a Pomerarian named Luli, Miranda's best friend. Arthur's name is written on billboards and he has risen to one of the most famous film actors of his time. (91)
Miranda and Arthur host an anniversay dinner for their third year of marriage, the party of ten also celebrating the opening figures on a recent movie Arthur and his co-star Elizabeth released. The night is filled with tension between Miranda and Arthur and subtle lingering touches shared by Arthur and Elizabeth. Miranda comes to the abrupt realization that this life was never meant for her. (91-99)
At 3am all the guests have left except for Elizabeth who is asleep on the couch after drinking too much. Miranda approaches paparazzi outside, Jeevan Chaudhary, asking for a cigarette. Jeevan catches her off gaurd, taking her photograph to which Miranda retreats back inside her home. (101-103)
The night ends with Elizabeth's tear stricken apologies and Miranda sketching a scene in her graphic novel, the line
"after Lonagan's death, all of life seemed awkward to me. I'd become a stranger to myself"
seeming to reflect on her life at this moment (Mandel,105). (105-106)
The following mornings newspaper contains an image of Miranda outside her home, tears in her eyes, smoking a cigarette, dress askew on her shoulder. The rumour of a broken marriage and infedelity has spread thoughout the public. (103)
Three months later, Miranda and Arthur sit in a conference room discussing the final terms of their divorce. (106)
The following month, Miranda moves back to Toronto and starts over at the age of 27, buying expensive clothing worn as armor and returning to Neptune Logistics to work in client relations. (107)
4 years prior to starting over, Miranda could be found flying from country to country after climbing the corporate ladder. (107)
Arthur and Clark met for dinner in London years later for Arthur's birthday. The public inbthe restaurant stare and whisper while they talk about Arthur's third divorce. It is when Arthur says the line "I've been indecently lucky" which he had used a month ago in an interview that Clark realizes he isn't at a restaurant with an old friend but rather a stranger. Arthur speaks animatedly, performing, knowing the two are being recorded. Clark thinks about the gulf of years between when they were 18 and 50. (110-112)
Arthur Leander grew up on Delano Island, full of temperate rain forests and rocky beaches. The island had 200 days of rain, only 2 stores, a school of sixty, and a community hall. It was a gorgeous yet a claustrophobic home that Arthur had always wanted to escape. (73)
Arthur and Miranda:
A Timeline
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