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Science Project

No description

Jessa Moomaw

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Science Project

Jessa Moomaw
Period 5 Growing,
Growing! Investigative Question:
How will watering plants with water, aspirin, and soda affect the plant’s growth? Background Research:
Aspirin does affect the growth of plants. Salicylic acid is
like an immune system for plants. And, just like we get immunizations, aspirin acts as an immunization for plants. It boosts their immune systems so they aren’t hurt as easily. Salicylic acid in plants; however, it is also the first ingredient in aspirin.

Aspirin is also popular in cut flowers, which many people can agree on. However, what they don’t agree on is how exactly aspirin helps cut flowers, or any plant, for that matter. Some say it counteracts the “instant healing system” in the plant, which causes cut flowers to die. While this may be true, others say that it helps the healing process, and keeps bacteria from getting in the flowers.

Many people say that the sugar in soda harms plants. Really, it only stays in the soil, blocks water out, and attracts bacteria and insects. So, I would say that soda indirectly harms plants. Hypothesis:
If a plant is watered with aspirin, soda, and water, then it will grow the tallest when watered with aspirin, because the aspirin will make it so that the plant can’t be harmed as easily. Materials:
•9 plastic cups
•9 pea plants
•13½ cups of dirt
•Measuring cups
•1 bottle of aspirin (25+ tablets)
•1 can of Diet Coke
•Data table Procedure:
1.Mark the cups according to trial and watering liquid. (Ex. Aspirin, Trial 1.)
2.Put 1½ cups of dirt in each cup.
3.Take one cup and make a small hole in the dirt.
4.Place a pea plant in the hole, and cover it with dirt.
5.Water it with 1 tbsp. of water.
6.Repeat steps 3-5 watering two more plants with water
7.Repeat steps 3-6 except use *aspirin water* instead of water.
8.Repeat steps 3-6 except use diet coke instead of water.9.Measure all of the plants every day for 2 weeks.
10.Record heights on your data table. *To Make Aspirin Water*
1.Take 2 aspirin tablets
2.Drop tablets into 1 cup of HOT water.
3.Dissolve. Stir if needed.
4.Take 1 tbsp. and water plant. Safety Precautions:
Hot water Averages (Data):
Aspirin: 28 cm
Water: 38.1 cm
Diet Coke: 20.7 cm Data Tables & Pictures Day Height of Plant Day Height of Plant Trial 2 Day Height of Plant Trial 1 Trial 3 Conclusion:
Watering plants with water, aspirin, and soda affects plants growth. I hypothesized that the plants watered with aspirin would grow the tallest. The data refutes my hypothesis. This is shown in the data. In trial one, on day 16, the plant watered with aspirin was 30.5cm tall, the plant watered with water was 48.3cm tall, and the plant watered with Diet Coke was 3.8cm tall. The plant watered with water was the tallest here. The tallest any plant got was 48.3cm tall, and this was one of the plants watered with water, therefore stating that aspirin does not help plants grow taller. The shortest plant at the end was 3.8cm tall, and this was one of the plants watered with Diet Coke. The ending data for trial 2 was: the aspirin-watered plant was 22.9cm tall, the water-watered plant was 27.9cm tall, and the Diet Coke-watered plant was 33cm tall, which surprised me. The ending data for trial 3 was: the aspirin-watered plant was 30.5cm tall, the water-watered plant was 38.1cm tall, and the Diet Coke-watered plant was 25.4cm tall. The averages for all the trials were: aspirin - 28 cm, water - 38.1 cm, and Diet Coke - 20.7 cm. This refutes my hypothesis because two out of three times, the water-watered plant grew the tallest. What surprised me about my data is that there were so many outliers. Altogether, the data refutes my hypothesis by proving that plants watered with water grow the tallest. Reflection:
If I did this project again I would do more trials because one of my trials failed. The 1st Diet Coke trial failed. The plant curled over and stopped growing. So, if I did this project again I would do more trials. Acknowledgments:
I would like to thank my mom, for watering and measuring the plants while I was away at camp for a few days. I would also like to thank my dad, for using the plants after I was done with them. (I didn't want my hard work to go to waste.) Sources:
Available online at: www.plantea.com, www.newscientist.com, site.cleanairgardening.com, www.blurtit.com. THE END
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