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Motivation Zero to 2.0 Hero


Bren Brennan

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Motivation Zero to 2.0 Hero

Peas Trinity Certificate with SGI From peas...
to trees!!! To trees? Last step How do I get from peas? somehow disappears along the way... HTML Motivation Zero but it's all
still there... Motivation
& creativity 1st step 2nd step my low point your ideas in a global staffroom programming blog PLN to 2.0 Hero Teaching in Budapest Teaching in Berlin Teaching in Spain Completed Distance Learning
Trinity Diploma with SGI Blogging Global
PLN Creative
teaching Peas No technical knowledge needed Free to use Available to everybody If you can send emails, you can use this technology WordPress & Blogger Writing Motivation:

Revision for Diploma Is it ok to use L1 in the classroom?
Semantic clusters hinder adult beginners
Free language podcasts
Personalised sentences
Free e-book: The Lexical Syllabus
More free e-books!
Jeremy Harmer lectures Writing Motivation:

Good for students to read about
current affairs with some
vocabulary and grammar focus YOU CAN DO THIS Beginnings
Random current affairs with no real learning focus Now
Excellent learning resource
Daily articles
Specific Categories
Podcasts, videos, audio, voicethread, competitions
Over 200,000 page views writing 1st step Ongoing 2nd step Last step Start Retweet Sign up:
Short name! Follow relevant people stuff you like Advertise your own writing
& opinions You are part of the
TEFL Twitterati &
the global staffroom bbrennan@stgeorges.co.uk Bren Brennan @brenbrennan THANK YOU http://www.stgeorges.co.uk/blog/ Creative Lessons SOURCE:

CLASS USE: Newspapers / media 1-2-1 students
Pronunciation & exercises
Challenging & v useful SOURCE:

CLASS USE: TV at Xmas Prediction/Comprehension/Gap Fill
Copying Queen's accent :)
Ss make their own speech
for their country Browsing related to my interests Vocab themed lesson
Ss interview each other -
Which is the most peaceful song?
Which song makes you drowsy/best to go to sleep to?
How/When/Why do people relax? SOURCE:

CLASS USE: Online article Grammar Lesson: Q-tags
Convincing sb to change their sitting habits
Gentle persuasion SOURCE:

CLASS USE: Newspaper article Read for HW pre-lesson
When is it appropriate to use?
Should slang be banned in schools?
Transposing slang sentences to formal SOURCE:

ADVANTAGES Myriad ideas
TEFL blogs to read
Unlimited free resources
Relieves isolation of TEFL
Like-minded professionals
Webinars, online conferences Bren Brennan ANY QUESTIONS? Growth as a professional teacher Bursting with new ideas Infusing students &
colleagues with motivation CLASS USE: SOURCE: SOURCE:

CLASS USE: Wikipedia Saying different figures:
numbers, dates, years etc SOURCE:

CLASS USE: Online browsing related to interests ???

You tell me! 1-2-1 Italian & Spanish students
Pronunciation & related exercises
You can create materials in this
manner specific to their L2 needs browsing for personal interest ???????

Vid with fitness trainer
Vocab: crunch, abs, bum,
squeeze, relax etc Intelligent thinking re profession =
inspired teacher & your aura becomes
infectious for students & staff
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