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Caroline Testa


Caroline Testa

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Caroline Testa

Book club
PSSA work
Word Ladder
Social Studies
Book club is when students get
assigned a book and a group. Every
week students need to read a certain
amount of chapters and answer questions
about the chapters they read.
In math we have a lesson
every day. The lesson shows us
about what we are learning
for that day.When we are are
done with the lesson we do 3-4
math journal pages.
In social studies every week
each student gets a newspaper.
The students need to complete the activities in the newspaper. They need to complete the think
and review and also the crossword puzzle .On the Friday of that week there is a test that the student needs to take to show that they did well that week.
Caroline Testa
third semester of fifth grade
In C.S.I. we investigated
a crime scene and try to
find the suspect and solve the mystery.
In the PSSA workbook
there are lessons that are
on topics that prep us for
the PSSA.
Word ladders are puzzles
that help with spelling
Study links
Math journal
I have learned many things
in social studies. I learned about the Pilgrims, immigrants, American Indians and how they lived and much more.
Study links is math homework
for the night. Mostly we have 1 or 2
pages a night. The next day Mr.Kott
checks if we completed the homework for
that day.
Egg protection
In the egg protection project
we get a partner and we needed to make an egg protection
out of a limited amount of supplies. Then we competed on what egg went the
farthest and what egg was the least damaged.
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