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The CRC Internship Program

Big 10 City Manager's Conference

Christopher Sell

on 18 June 2010

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Transcript of The CRC Internship Program

The Community relations coalition
The Crc internship program A Bridge To Community:
The Community Relations Coalition (CRC)
works to build trusting relationships between
the communities of East Lansing and Michigan
State University by fostering cooperation and
communication between neighbors. A not-for
-profit organization, the CRC draws on the
talents of all sectors of East Lansing through
various program initiatives. The Mission: A collaborative approach within
the East Lansing community... ...between Office of governmental affairs & division of student affairs at MSU, in addition
to the City of East Lansing & East Lansing neighborhoods. Leadership = board of directors + Core Leadership Team Core team = Major stakeholders
(MSU, EL, students, long-term residents) Generation & facilitation of ideas & initiatives Programming, budget, & general direction... The Genesis Neighborhood Tensions... An indendepent non-profit consisting of students and long-term residents recommended. The CRC originated as a result of a partnership between MSU and the City of East Lansing. Task Force chaired by MSU President.. Positioning students as community builders
in key neighborhoods The CRC in Action Communication Outreach to incoming students Landlord connection neutral perspectives The CRC Internship program.
Building community for more than 10 years.
leadership from
multiple sources The Community Liaison Gov Affairs, Student Affairs, & City The CRC Intern Coordinator CRC Interns The CRC Intern Profile: ~ Undergraduate student leaders
~ Juniors or Seniors at MSU
~ good academic standing
~ Living in 1 of 3 primary neighborhoods
~ vested interest in EL community

Hiring, Training, & Supervision Spring Recruitment PDF Application packet Promote via multiple sources Skills and experiences in marketing, communication, leadership, community-building, & urban planning are sought after in candidates General rule of thumb CRC Intern Participation is realized in multiple ways:
1.) Passive support or promotion
2.) Direct involvement or volunteer work
3.) Primary coordination and implementation
4.) Student Representation in the community Themes that emerge from
CRC Intern Work... 1.) Philanthropic
2.) Sustainability
3.) City Governance
4.) Relationship Building 1.) Intern-coordinated
2.) Supervisor-initiated
3.) city-led
4.) MSU or EL generated Types of Functions Ice Cream socials &
Welcome Bag Distribution All 3 neighborhoods & Over
3,000 household units served community clean-ups Civic-minded folk 300+ coats donated 2,000+ energy efficient
light bulbs distributed WRAP AWard Avenues of Involvement City official events Volunteerism Maintaining Dialogue Opportunities for... student learning & leadership Hangin' with the kids Questions? Funding MSU City of EL 2 Graduate assistantships Grant for Interns
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