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My Vision Board

No description

Jovi Lam

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of My Vision Board

My Vision Board
Career & Life
Personal Health
Community Connections
- Have fruits and vegetables for snacks instead of chips or cookies
-Avoid eating too much fast food
- Eat food that are less in fat, sodium and sugar
- Drink milk and water intead of pop
- Eat foods that are in the four food groups

Work/Volunteer Experience
After I graduate, I would like to study at UBC or SFU and get a Bachelor degree. I will apply for a scholarship at a university.
I will look at requirements to be considered as an applicant.
I am interested in studying in these following areas.
- Psychology
- Education
- Marketing
- Business Education
- Criminology
- continue to play badminton at least once every week
- walking and running regularly
- go biking, hiking or swimming during my free times
I will manage my stress by listening to music, talking to a friend or my parents, taking a walk outside or eating something sweet. Doing those things helps me to calm myself down and gives me time to think.
- Stay away from smoking,
drugs and alcohol.
- Sleep minimum 8 hours every night
Career, Life and Learning Goals
If I get into a university, I will need to pay for the tuition, course, books and supply fee.
To afford the all the fees, my parents have already started saving up since I was small. I am still saving my money up. I plan on finding a part-time job at a fast food restaurant or a clothing store in a year or two to speed up the funding process.
Cost/ Funding
By : Jovi Lam
My Learning Goals
- Improve my grade to straight A's and at least 90% for all the subjects on the final report card
- Get A's on all the projects and tests
- Be on the honour roll every year until I graduate

To achieve all the goals I will...
Take notes in class and review them afterschool.
- write notes in colour so it will be easier to remember
Participate more in class discussions and raise my hand up more often.
Finish all my homework everyday and hand them in on time.
Study for all my quizzes and tests.
Sound Nutritional Habits
I havven't thought much about having a family yet. But I hope to get married before the age of 30 and maybe have 2 kids.
My Exercise Routine
Emotional Health Management
Positive Health Choices
Teamwork/Leadership Skills
Academic Skills
Personal Management Skills
Employability Skills
Extra-curricular Activities
Post-Secondary Planning
I goto Air Cadets and it helps me to develop me leadership skills. In the summer of 2013, I went to a Air Cadet summer camp and the course is called Basic Drill and Ceremonial Course. The course is mainly based on teaching the cadets leadership skills and also how to be a better leader. The course taught me how to lead my peers through leadership assignments/ taskings, how to lead team building activities and how to communicate effectively. We also are in groups most of the time and I get a chance to work with everyone and have teamwork if needed.
I can use the leadership, teamwork and communication skills I learnt at camp and apply them at school when I am doing a project with a group of people, when I am playing doubles badminton, when I am in a school club, leading class discussion or activity. It would also be useful when I start working after university.becasue teamwork is a very important factor in life.
I will work on my time management skills. I always procrastinate and ends up I have to rush to finish all the work or I get little time to sleep. I will concentrate and get my work done before doing anything else. Organizing my desk and writing a To Do List would help me to have a better time management.
I want to work on my personal discipline, reward myself when I feel like I did really well and discipline myself and look at what I did wrong.
Academic Skills that I learnt at school includes:
- Note-taking skills
- Listening skills
- Thinking out of the box skill
- Communication skills
I can apply those skills in my everyday life such as listening carefully to instructions, communicating with diferent people. I can gain more experience as I join more clubs and work with large group of people. I can also use these skills when I am in university or when I am working.
My Employability Skills includes:
- Going to work on time
- Being able to work with different people
- Listening to instructions and following them
It is important to have employability skills because your boss would see what kind of perosn you are and decide if they wnat to hire you or not. If you can't even get to work on time, they wouldn't even consider hiring you.
I play badminton every monday and sunday. I was in the badminton team last year and I am trying out for the team again this year.
I goto Air Cadets every thursday. I joined this team in cadets called Drill Team. We practice every tuesday and we practice for a competition at the end of teh year. In that team I do drill and more drill.
School Clubs
I applied for Student Council and Green Team this year. Hopefully I will get in one of them.
In the summer, I volunteered at the Yonex Canada Open 2013 as a Line Judge. My duty was to make the judgement if the birdie landed in the court or out of the court. I also volunteered at a Summer Bible Camp at a church.
Me and a few campers from the Bible Camp
Every saturday, I volunteer at my own church for a Bible Study Cub for children frm the age of 3 to 13. And the club is called Awana.
To gain more volunteer experiences, I can go on icanhelp.ca and apply for activities that I am interested in volunteering.
- Get into UBC, SFU or some other university
- Get a Bachelor degree
- Get a scholarship
- Major in Psychology

Goal Complete
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