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gs students

on 8 September 2017

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Transcript of Ireland

Ireland 's population is pretty small compared to the U.S.A. They have 4.773 million people, which you might think it a lot of people,but it is not. Irish people mostly speak English, but they also speak Gaelic . They learn to speak English, Gaelic, and Latin in schools.
Ireland 's currency is called Euro. They have paper money and coins like the U.S.A
They eat a lot of crazy foods like blood pudding, which is made out of animal blood. Corn beef and cabbage, champ, Dublin coddle,and apple cakes are the most famous foods that are eaten in Ireland . The Crunchie bar is the most famous candy in Ireland. It is made of milk chocolate and honeycomb
They drive normal cars and buses, but they drive on the opposite side of the road then we do. Ireland has a lot of Landmarks like the Cliffs of Moher ,Ring of Kerry, Blarney Stone, The Dublin castle , and Trinity College.
Friday, September 8, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Ireland is in the continent Europe. They are 338.5 miles for England. Dublin is the capital of Ireland. In Dublin the is famous castle called The Dublin Castle is were all of the government of Ireland works .
Ireland has a lot of sports,but their most famous one is soccer.The other main sports are ones that most people do not know about. This sports are hurling , rugby,camogie ,and gealic handball . Watching sports, seeing Landmarks are some of the fun activities but, that's not all. You could also go biking in the forest, gorge- walking,and go to the beaches of Ireland.
Continent and Capital
Population and Language
Currency and Foods
Landmarks and Transportation

Sports and Fun Activities
Dress and Weather
Holidays and Music
Time change and Their Ways of Normal Life
Their dress wear is typical to what we wear, but what they wear mostly depends on the weather. Their clothes are mostly made out of wool because of all of the sheep in Ireland. The temperatures are moderate. The hottest it has been recorded in Ireland is 91 degrees. It rains a lot in Ireland ,so that is why Ireland is so green.
They celebrate almost all of the same holidays as we do,but their all some differences. The Irish celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Easter , St. Patrick's day, St. Stephan's Day, New Years, June Bank, August Bank, and October Bank. Ireland developed folk music and Celtic music. Have you ever seen Irish dancers dance? That is the kind of music they dance to. The national symbol of Ireland is the harp. If you go into any pub, you will find music and dancing.
Ireland is a six hour difference compared to Illinois. My dad left Chicago at two o'clock and arrived in Ireland at eight o'clock .
The main religion of Ireland is Catholicism.
The pub is an important meeting place in Ireland.
The Irish are famous for agriculture, especially potatoes.
There is always an afternoon tea in Ireland no matter what
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